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  1. Long time since I've been here, but what do I see in the T120 Fax? Well the wind draw IS across the continent, but the 992 over Southern and Eastern England isobar comes from Italy, not from Siberia. The 528 height is way up, just north of the border with Scotland, there is a long way to the 546 height line, but looking at that, I'd say Easterly winds, cool but not cold, showers (rain in the south possible sleet/snow in the north), mainly cloudy and pretty yuk weather for March
  2. Cheers AB, been an interesting chat, now time to head for the hills, just realised the time and I have to be up at 6:00. So I look forward to tomorrows runs and see if they keep up predicting what I think we all hope will be a prolonged cold spell. Potential? Lots of it, but still way too many variables
  3. No AB I think you are wrong until we get proper verification of what will happen this weekend, I don't think anything is set in stone Tomorrow and the day after are vital, with an Easterly flow starting to pick up and forcing warmer air away to our West, leaving probably only Ireland, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire in milder conditions. But it seems every run varies so much that upgrade, downgrade, it seems to change every time, sometimes good, sometimes not really doesn't matter very much one way or the other, the weather will do what it will, "Butterfly Effect" nayone? Safe to say it will all play out with some being disappointed no matter what the outcome
  4. Continental derived air is all well and good, but the factor I see as of primary importance is the orientation of the low pressure systems below the Scandi High. Too far west means that the winds source below, south of Spain, meaning that no matter what the 850's are lower atmosphere temperatrures will be higher than expected. Whatever is expected is liable to change anyway, as the models are incredibly unreliable at reporting what will happena at T180 let alone at T384. I think anyone looking beyond T180 seems to have a stronger belief in the models than I have
  5. Rained Saturday night and Sunday night, most of the day was threatening rain, but was dry. 11.3mm between 23:00 and midnight
  6. Sorry Benny, haven't been on for a while. Saw your question, I think my maths is right here, The sun ( according to Wiki ) currently has a mass of approx 2X1030 if you take into account every CME (occuring at a rate of one every 5 days) throwing out 1.6X1012, that has, to date, only thrown out 0.00000000000000000000000000001% (that's 29X0) of the mass of the sun. It's a big so and so, but, for us at least just the right size to burn for another 4.5 billion years Also add back the fact that altough a substantial mass is ejected, the majority of it doesn't leave the solar system and much is recaptured by the sun. So we're OK for a while yet
  7. And a Merry Christmas to all. Echoing Jason T, been a while...... Too busy Lovely day here, some cloud in the sky but temp above freezing. Had a great view of the Space Station last night, lovely clear sky -- boy does it move
  8. I think it's all a matter of watch with care and hope it follows the ECM evolution. Having seen the way Cromer was affected last year I'd prefer this not to happen, but nature will do what it wants
  9. That's a lot of lava Better them than me flying over it Good find John Seems that Barda is going to keep us waiting, even though there have been some cracking quakes
  10. The story here http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-30197085 on the BBC website caught my eye. So this is the technique of "We'll try this even though it may kill millions"? From other previous studies the Indian Monsoon will be affected by higher temps, or lower temps or, as this year, was erratic because nothing was different!! I'd like to hear if anyone else thinks that geo engineering is as stupid as I think it is
  11. There speaks someone who lives near the east coast. still an easterly would work, Gale Force 9 or stronger, would melt quickly once it dropped though
  12. As you say fascinating. Interesting the higher temperatures on the lava. I wonder if this has changed the nature of the eruption and that the original deflation of the caldera has given way to a direct lava source from the mantle. I still wonder about all the quakes in the caldera, what on earth is the effect there?
  13. Watcha Rusty nice to see you again. The amount of gas this beast is belching is incredible. Just hope that it doesn't get worse
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