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  1. fortunately Aps or websites won't ultimately decide the outcome!
  2. I've just driven to work from Bournemouth to Farnborough up the M3. The rain in Bournemouth turned to snow up Poulner hill and over the forest (settling at Rufus Stone) and then it was patchy until Twyford. After that loads of snow through Winchester to Basingstoke. Less here at work but snowing hard now. Looks like it's passing east quickly.
  3. that's interesting! As it stands it looks a pretty good shout in terms of our weather from that far out!
  4. My two year old wanted to go "ice skating" in it earlier. Just plain rain now in eastern Bomo 😢
  5. Seems more like rain here now. I think the precip isn't heavy enough now. Definitely is just rain now. I wasn't expecting that, I thought it might get more favourable than less?
  6. Looks light wet snow in Iford! Get in!!! Better than expected!
  7. Heart says yes, head says another near miss. I could ask my wife? She's normally right about everything 😃
  8. I don't think it is. It's a separate low off nw France which is due to move ne tomorrow morning. I think.
  9. Still just moderate rain in Bournemouth. Feels so near yet so far....
  10. Like others I'm staying well away from the MOD thread. I'm a bit disappointed that this cold spell could end up just being the few little flakes I saw yesterday afternoon. Still, lovely run through wick fields this morning, crisp, icy and frosty. More please. as karlos says, our time will come. Probably during the next ice advance (although probably still "marginal" here).
  11. Model Output Discussion - cold spell to end Autumn

    Indeed. Much more realistic but at least colder side of average which in recent Decembers is an achievement in itself.
  12. Model Output Discussion - cold spell to end Autumn

    I've got no specific evidence to back this up but I've previously noted numerous occasions when the GFS massively overdoes the longevity and intensity of troughing just to our east. That's mostly in summer but the GFSop is almost certainly overdoing that low.
  13. Indeed. March can deliver all kinds of nonsense. Can't help feeling that the shallow surface high at some point in march is going to deliver something colder for the uk, not just the north.
  14. Predictions for 2017?

    2002 had a pretty poor summer (very wet july), five years later 2007 had a very wet summer, five years after that came 2012. Five years later....2017? I reckon a cold wet spring followed by a very wet summer. Misery will abound. I can't tell you how much science has gone into that "forecast".