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  1. That's a shame as looks like significant snow at altitude, given that "stormbound" could be the headline!
  2. I thought the funicular was still out of operation?
  3. Yes would take those synoptics, much more might be In jeopardy but we are all in the ball game...await upgrades...
  4. Check , Mild outliner, best await 120/144. I stand to be corected
  5. Yes were back, agreed lots more in the next 4/5 days and even after that opportunities for cold and snow continue, better than most winters ECM op maybe an outliner for central UK, don't often post but I think expectations are too high against the return of the beast, lots of un expected snow yesterday, expect that be the trend post 144 ...anywhere K
  6. I agree with Crewe and others, that see this as a longer haul to cold, with the vortex so disrupted I'm happy to see these synoptics appear now, but a delay into December would be delightful!
  7. Best quote of the day ("Now I Know what a Short wave is!)
  8. Thanks I now know what to look for ("not bears around Greenland" but "kinks in the isobars") Great explanation
  9. Probably the 12z suite, which we don't see until 3.30 Maybe the pros see it roll out at the time it is run??
  10. Thanks Ian, so what time lag is there between your access to the NWP and the General public? Apologies for the tea and biscuits!
  11. so bluearmy are the Met Office all gathered round a table at 3.30pm awaiting the download of the GFS and their own model (12zs) and then after tea and biscuits the 12z ECM downloads from 6pm onwards... ?
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