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  1. Merry Christmas to you two.

  2. NO, you said NOOOO. LOL

  3. Bloody hell Lomond you has some friends,good on ya.

  4. I try the humour but get deleted. must be dull!! LOL.

  5. I try the humer but get deleted.must be dull!!

  6. Sugar..... Been out clubbing. Should know better!

  7. Just had a good old sunday roast mmmmmmm

    1. duckeyh


      mmmm me too followed by apple crumble and custard

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Me too followed by birds triffle. A little bloated after to say the least :)

  8. Look at that moon tonight.

  9. 105 for 6 pakistan.

  10. Come on Warwickshire.wheres the Merlot

  11. Or at the same time!!!

  12. Arrrr.....smell that air first thing in the morning.

  13. We live on top of the woodloes, fella.if you know what i mean!!!

  14. Good post, i think the mods are a bit twichy tonight. foz

  15. Hi ya, keep them posts coming fella SENSATIONAL.

  16. Hi ya, like reading your posts, may not understand all but the fog is slowly clearing!! cheers

  17. Hi ya, like reading your posts.Keep them coming. cheers

  18. hi fella, like your posts and good luck with the competition

  19. hi TEITS miss your model output comments.

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