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  1. Back under my rock!

    1. Fozfoster


      Have you give up on cold now?

    2. Fozfoster


      Would love to agree but cant see it.Ok winters over, their you go ive said it.

  2. Played darts tonight like a muppit

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      I played snooker tonight, like a muppet. Beat by a good player though.

    2. Fozfoster


      i won but played ****

  3. Why am i awake, its 4.47AM!!!!

    1. Coopsy


      it could be worse...it could be 4:46am ;-)

    2. Dale Hay

      Dale Hay

      SNOW?!!?!!!?!! WHERE!?!?!?! O_O

  4. One month today till spring

    1. Bottesford


      or 9 days if we're talking meteorological

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Which we should be in my opinion, being a weather forum. Oh dear- this old chestnut again LOL

  5. The fat lady sings as she waves the white flag!!

    1. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Looking back on the winter as a whole, in reality she has been singing and waving that white flag since December 1st, but we just haven't been able to hear her (or chose not too hear her) Worse winter for snow in living memory. At least winter 2014/15 won't be as bad... Will it?

    2. Fozfoster


      Sounds about right to me.

  6. is it time to say catch ya next winter?

    1. Bottesford


      'pends if you're a part timer or not ;)

    2. Fozfoster


      LOL, i shall let the weather decide

  7. The time has come, to say the suns about to come, so enjoy the sun until the next winter fun.;-)

    1. lassie23


      The cluster of mild winters is coming to an end, 80's style winters are about return.

    2. matt111


      Or maybe winters just about to start :rofl:

  8. YEEESSSS 2 late goals give cov a 3-2 win over Preston

    1. skyblusam


      Was there mate.left at 89mins 2-1 down having a fag outside heard the cheer and watching near on 200 fans running back to the ground was priceless.

    2. Fozfoster


      Went to MK Dons with my lad and it was great to see 4,500 fan and enjoying it!!

  9. Time to start popping in here again...............;-)

    1. Mokidugway


      I pop in a lot ,much to others iritatation :0..

    2. Fozfoster
  10. Next new member will be number 14,000 WOW.

    1. Fozfoster


      Just lost 5 !!!!!!!

    2. Fozfoster


      Almost as many cov fans ;-)

  11. England group, Uruguay,Italyand Costa Rica

    1. Eugene


      Much better chance of going through than any chance of wintry weather this year ;)

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      I think we'll go out in the first round, in third place. I just don't think we're very good.

  12. Saved a lamb from drowning this morning, it was in the river Avon. Poor thing was exhausted trying to get out the water.

    1. frogesque


      Awweee! Well done! Did it manage to find its mum after?

    2. Fozfoster


      no it sat there drying out, i stayed with it for 10 mins to make sure it was ok.

  13. Just had a good old sunday roast mmmmmmm

    1. duckeyh


      mmmm me too followed by apple crumble and custard

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Me too followed by birds triffle. A little bloated after to say the least :)

  14. Cov one up can we hang on?

    1. Fozfoster



    2. skyblusam


      same old same old foz. im there sat so we better get the 3 points

  15. Off to Spain on Thursday ;-)

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      bring the spainsh sun back with you please

    2. Fozfoster


      Looking at the models mite not have too!!!!!

  16. Out on bike today, 12 days since last ride, not leaving it that long again

    1. Terminal Moraine

      Terminal Moraine

      12 days today since my last ride; I've been full of cold for the last 5 days and now can hardly draw breath without coughing. I know from past experience it's going to be hard work when I do get back out.

  17. I joined13 Jan 09 and this is the worst for cold yet:(

    1. Fozfoster


      hunt for cold yet. itshould say!!

  18. Merry Christmas to you all í ¼í¾…í ¼í¾í ¼í¾„

    1. lassie23


      merry christmas

  19. Hi ANYWEATHER, cant send on Messenger, but April is only11mm :-o



      Thanks again ...Ian

  20. Back from fishing, caught rudd,roach,perch,,and carp.Weather beautiful and warm.Now thats wot iam talking about!!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      must have been perfect fishing weather, please don't carp on about too much though. At least I had a bream of a dace or two as swell.

  21. The sunshined on me this Cheltenham!!

    1. dogs32


      i won 4 times......even on my birthday

  22. PSA test 0.66 well under come on.

  23. Off to darts and maybe a lager !!

    1. tinybill


      wild here on the east coast at the moment

  24. Happy New Year to all on Netweather 🎄🍺

    1. lassie23


      thanks foz and to you

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