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    Playing and watching football, nature, weather, music, long walks, movies
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  1. If only...🙄

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    2. D.V.R


      Hi SQ, hope you're well... 

      I was just thinking that weather pattern at the time of my post would be perfect for mid winter.. if only Lacazette hadn't equalised in the 82nd minute against us and if only I had the wisdom I have now when I was younger.😑

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      I’m very well thank you 😊 hope you are also ?

      lassie the point of salad cream is eggs hunny they go very well with them 

      and as for wisdom not sure if you would tell your younger self to be good would you 😉

    4. D.V.R


      I'm very well, thank you 😉

      lol, no I would always be naughty but I wish I was a better father to my first boy.

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