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  1. I’ve watched this band move north from Biscay all afternoon, very slow moving, will it decay as it hits higher pressure, it’s now over the Cherbourg peninsula.
  2. Must be the Purbeck microclimate, I think we have topped out at 8oC here in Sunny Poole. UKV into range now and showing for Sunday at least we MIGHT be in the game...
  3. Yet with today’s occluded front it is snowing heavily in Ringwood, and Raining in Shaftesbury which is at 709ft ASL...I don’t get it 😂
  4. This is what kills me about living in the Poole, Dorset snow shield, literally 9 miles up the road in Ringwood, they have whiteout conditions...jeez they even have snow showers in Bournemouth 🙄
  5. Not very scientific, but here’s the bin lid. For what it’s worth the snow was better for snowman ⛄️ building with the ‘Mini Beast’
  6. Very light sleet here in NW Surrey, brisk NE veering E wind blowing, can I expect snow later? Met Office suggesting 24 hours of the stuff!
  7. I see developments in the Channel, please no more freezing rain, my car is still recovering from last nights storm here in Poole, Dorset
  8. I have a house in Surrey in the week (plenty of snow there). Couldn’t help but come to my weekend house at 10am this morning, no way was this snow starved Poole born and bred lad going to miss the great SW Blizzard on 2018, it’ll go down in folklore!
  9. Just popped out to my buried car here in Poole, Dorset, and we appear to now have Ice falling from the sky? ?‍♂️
  10. It’s a fair question, we invest for corporate investors and pension funds, cold weather impacts the financial markets, so we pay for the best advanced data. Our meteorological analyst looked at the data and advised 1. Buy energy stocks now 2. Placed company business travellers on red alert (me being one), and invoked the disaster recovery plan, which is non essential travel (ie don’t both coming to the office and forget flights), this is in place all of next week. Personally I think we will make an absolute killing on the energy stocks ?
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