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  1. Just had an intense snow shower while walking the dog on the mountain. Wind was blowing the snow sideways. Snow all around on the higher tops.
  2. A nip in the air up on the mountain top with the dog.. wind from the WNW, 7 degrees with a feel like of 4, bright sunshine for a change.. anyone in the know have any clue whether we're going to get any real winter weather any time soon? I suffer from SAD, and will admit the gloom that seems to have gone on for weeks has me feeling very low.. not necessarily looking for snow, (though that would be lovely!) but any sign of some settled, bright, frosty weather on the horizon guys? ? I have a feeling the distinct absence of AndyMusic on the forum this year kind of says a lot ? I miss his rampin
  3. Snowed for a good hour here, a light covering on everything, roads included.. surprising considering how much surface water there was. Stopped now, but think we may have a bit more through the night.. hoping so anyway!
  4. What a difference a day makes.. well into the minus figures yesterday morning, reached a balmy 8 degrees here today (according to BBC weather!) . Took the dogs up onto the mountain after work, and it was glorious! The light was incredible, still a few pockets of snow in sheltered places, and an almost spring like feel to the air.. the sunset was breathtaking too.. took a few pictures to record a beautiful winter's day in Wales.
  5. Light snow adding to the couple of inches on the ground.. a snow day for me, not prepared to attempt the drive to Cardiff for work, not sure whether we're open yet anyway, site is being assessed.. School closed so a double legitimate snowday ?
  6. Throwing it down here, only really started like it meant it about 15 minutes ago, but everything except the roads are white ?
  7. Just back from walking the dogs up on the mountain, heavy rain with some large snow flakes now and then.. feeling raw in the wind ❄️
  8. Snowing quite heavily here, wasn't really expecting anymore.. possible snow day tomorrow..
  9. Snowing here too, blowing sideways in the wind
  10. This is what I woke up to this morning.. probably had another 3 or 4 inches since then, and it's still chucking it down! We walked to the local shop this morning, usually a 10 minute walk.. took us 30 minutes at least.. it was horrible! Normally I love snow, but this somehow felt wrong.. malevolent even, Mother Nature is seriously p****d off!!! The wind, and force of the drifting, blowing snow, was frankly scary Don't think I'll be going anywhere for a while..
  11. Yay! Just heard the Cardiff school I work in is closed tomorrow! A huge relief, I must admit.. the thought of trying to get in in the morning from here was giving me serious anxiety! I got home at about 4.30, a thin powdery coat of snow already down on pavements and roofs.. took the dogs for their walk up onto the mountain, and oh my it was bitingly cold can't even begin to imagine what the wind chill factor was up there.. needless to say, our walk wasn't as long as usual, as the dogs were looking miserable and practically asking to go home! I've opened the wine in celebrat
  12. Sorry, I meant yellow.. it's been one of those days!
  13. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-02-27 Whole of Wales under an amber for tomorrow.. will it, or won't it?
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