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  1. Looks like the ssw down welled right onto Liverpool airport quite a localised one lol 😆
  2. Oh if only this was this weekend coming as it’s to far out to be sure but fingers crossed 🤞
  3. Although the building blocks were in place by day 6 so it’s counting down we just need not look further than 144 and the consensus is a trough east of uk and heights west/North west surface conditions will change between now and then in terms of how the colder air lines up, but the trend today is positive from a cold perspective. I just feel it will upgrade from here on in. Cold is coming 🥶
  4. Yuk it’s not like we can even escape this crud to go skiing in the alps for a snow fix hopefully we’ve had a couple of rogue outlier runs from the gfs and the next few will take us back to something resembling yesterday’s 12z runs
  5. ECM seems to always underplay 850 temps in fi but with this set up you would easily knock a couple of degrees off them nearer the time
  6. Didn’t see that coming at all after the op run to be honest, this has westward corrections written all over it this week coming the warm front could stall on the England wales border at this rate come Thursday it’s happened before a certain January 2013 event comes to mind 🤔
  7. I don’t know but it’s nice too see never the less perfectly plausible and within the envelope of the means at this point in time great synoptic 👍
  8. Looks like the parcel of precipitation moving over the Mersey is getting reinvigorated as it crosses the sea could be a good thing for us southerners as it may well reach us with more intensity left in it fingers crossed 🤞
  9. Yes a net easterly draw there, think it’s as far as I’m looking ahead here it’s an improvement and would probably think the GFS will blow lows up later on in the run. Nice up to this point 👍
  10. Could probably do with them being stronger and digging further south off the eastern seaboard so it would help drive warm air advection up into Greenland to block the Atlantic altogether.
  11. Allow the arrows to guide you, there’s no way that high will fall back into the med as long as the low (Black line heads to Italy then the high (red arrow) moves to Scandi and voila the beast comes along the blue arrow. At least that’s how I see the 48 hours following.
  12. Now wouldn’t that be something huh the Swansea Snow shield moving north over Brecon allowing the snow to batter us here in the snow desert lol 🙏
  13. Definitely a bit of sleet in these heavier bursts coming in now uppers must be cooling behind the cold front that went through earlier
  14. Had a few flakes here this morning left a dusting on the cars and road first flakes of 2020 here how ironic it’s the last day of the year lol
  15. That will feel bitter, cold east wind and temps around 2-4 feeling like -2 -4 in the wind chill brrr seasonal indeed
  16. Yeah I think the Irish Sea needs to drop another few degrees which since last week has, it was 10oC now it’s down to 9oC we need to shave another couple of degrees off it down to about 7 this will do two things 1. It will stop the colder air getting modified as it comes in from the north and 2. Less precipitation but with the right depth of cold still enough to produce lake effect snow. We can but dream lol
  17. For me the period after tomorrow mornings potential south coast clipper is showing more interest if you look at the fax charts, the all important 528 Dam line (etched lines) is showing to head way south of us and there’s plenty of little fronts and troughs embedded in the north flow so fingers crossed we’ll be in the game for a while I feel. Sorry the charts aren’t in the correct order lol go bottom up ⬆️
  18. Really wish the steamer tonight would head further east to hit Brecon as it’s just so heavy the rain is here and a waste of potential snow for the beacons and higher ground. Maybe they should issue a flood warning ⚠️ for here it’s literally belting down.
  19. Think we will be relying on heavy stuff with a bit of evaporative cooling to get anything remotely sleety out of this tonight 3oc here just ain’t cutting the mustard
  20. Looks likely to be an unclosed shortwave heading in from the north west sliding in
  21. Yellow weather warning area has been expanded to cover most of central and southern wales bar the coastal areas and Bar the west and north coasts
  22. Merry Christmas all here’s to a much more festive looking 10 days 🎄❄️
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