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  1. Looks like met have gone with their own model on fax as usual.
  2. Head is off the keyboard now Lightened the place up a bit anyway Sorry guys and gals.
  3. Pretty good split on the GEFS mean against the operational anyway.
  4. Looks similar to UKMO at 144 with merging of the two lows. I guess we will get an idea of what will happen in this scenario. Compared to GFS
  5. Updated t24 fax is very different to the earlier t36. It has the low much deeper and further S with more energy going E through France t36 (12Z) t24 (18Z)
  6. As I just said GEM was first - not that it matters anyway really - the one model is better than another model is a rather wearisome discussion
  7. GEM showed this change to no Northerly and Atlantic coming through yesterday with the same kind of comments (about it being rubbish) - in this case the model picked this change out first if it happens like is shown at present.
  8. It is a rain event unfortunately -can't seem to post the image
  9. Yes - but this is where we started with the previous one and then it kept adjusting S and ended up in the Midlands - this could do the same or not - we will see. It is something of interest at any rate.
  10. Could be slidergate 2 developing - this has shown up for a few runs now.
  11. If that model was to be believed we would all be having a white Christmas. Fortunately NASA has been shown to be not very good at predicting climate so weather should be the same.
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