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  1. Strange, David Braine says '50 years since Dunkirk', yet that forecast is from 2000...he must surely mean 60 years? Unless we were driven out of France in 1950...
  2. Evenin' all, Today is the ninth anniversary of the thundersnow event of 2004, one of the most amazing weather events I have ever witnessed. Thunder, lightning, and three inches of snow in less than an hour in west London. I'd be interested to hear all your memories of that evening (maybe more suited to the 10th anniversary, but who cares!). Also, can someone explain the synoptic situation to me, as I have a rather rudimentary grasp only...
  3. Mr Data you have done a cracking job. Nothing beats a bit of nostalgia!
  4. I got a white Christmas in 1999. On holiday in Sligo in the north-west of Ireland, we had heavy hail and sleet showers on Christmas morning. It then cleared up, but late in the evening we had one heavy, prolonged snow shower that dropped about an inch and a half. Gone by the next morning but wonderfully seasonal.
  5. Initially I thought this was the cold spell that brought several hours of heavy wet snow to north London on April 15, although I think that was 1998. Heaviest snow I've ever seen that didn't settle, despite falling for at least two hours.
  6. Doesn't Ian F also go on to say that they don't place too much faith in these models, or something along those lines,,,?
  7. I think some people on here need to give themselves a good bang on the head. It's December 13! How can you possibly predict what the rest of winter will hold? How many times do long-range forecasts go wrong - pretty often, yet people are now saying the rest of winter is going to be mild! It's like self-harm on these theads sometimes. Bedsides, even IN zonal winters there is potential for short spells of cold, snowy weather. What do people want - a three-month countrywide freeze? Chasing the impossible dream.
  8. Game on. Game over. Pear-shaped. Stella run (It's stellar by the way), BOOM!, upgrade, downgrade, get the prozac out, snowmageddon, blowtorch SW'lies, here comes the beast, great run, poor run, EPIC RUN!!!, horror show, all to play for, hats off to GFS (or ECM, UKMO etc), ignore FI, FI LOOKS AMAZING!. Had to get that off my chest.
  9. I played football in 33 degrees, in the middle of the afternoon, during this spell. I was fine. Yet I've also played in temps in the low 20s, and almost died (not literally) of dehydration. I'm guessing the airmass in 03 was particularly dry?
  10. Cracking stuff Mr Data. I remember those forecasts well, it was only at the very last minute that the BBC changed their forecasts to something a bit more urgent. A lesser remembered snowfall for many but, in my neck of the woods at least, a little beauty!
  11. Mr Data you are a legend for posting these videos! I actually remember this forecast well. Do you have any from the later cold spell of January 2003?
  12. That front gave a lot of snow in London, more than was forecast. About 8cms I think.
  13. For where I lived at the time, in north-west London, it went from absolutely epic to absolutely rubbish! The snow on February 1st and 2nd was incredible for it's intensity and longevity. It began around 8pm and lasted all night, finally easing about 9am, leaving around 14cms or so, less than other parts but the most we'd had since '91. That was the epic part. The rubbish part came in the afternoon, when a band of snow moving up from France was forcasted to drop another 5 inches or so. What we actually got was a continuous light flurry for about 3 hours, which added nothing to what had already
  14. Many thanks, that is indeed the one. Am I right in saying there was more snow in the south-east than was expected? It doesn't often get talked about so I was wondering if the heavier snow was restricted to northern suburbs of London.
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