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  1. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Another very cold start to the day for me at -6.6c with a hard frost.
  2. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    -5.3c just now for me which is colder than any minimum last winter.
  3. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Snowing here and starting to lie on grass and cars. 1.5c and dew point below zero for first time tonight -0.1c.
  4. Coldest night of this winter for me at -4.6c.
  5. Heavy snow here for the last hour which is way ahead of forecast. The temperature started tanking from about 9pm when it was 7.8c and raining heavily. It's now 1.3c and the dewpoint is 0.4c. The ground is saturated because of the amount of rain we've has since yesterday afternoon but the snow started to settle about 30minutes ago and it's all white now. Things could get interesting if this keeps going.
  6. I was driving through Bishopbriggs earlier and the snow was was wet but heavy with huge flakes. Here there is a bit of interest with a heavier band of showers moving in from the east and the temperature down a bit on this morning. 2.5c/1.4c.
  7. Sleety rain for me with surface temperature and dewpoint on the wrong side of marginal. As often happens when the upper temps look much better for snow later on - dropping from -5c to -8c about midnight - there is no precipitation around. At least the tops of the hills looks as though they are turning white. Currently 3.1c with the dewpoint 1.6c.
  8. Just had a snow shower pass through there. Reasonably heavy for a few minutes but didn't last long. 1.9c/0.2c.
  9. Just had a cracking hail shower that turned everything white within seconds. Some more heavy showers showing up on the radar just now. 3.1c/0.4c.
  10. 7cm of level snow on the bin lid so far. Still a few more showers lined up to come in so I've done well. Temperature is 0.7c and dewpoint -0.2c so should be ok for snow for a while.
  11. Heavy snow just now. Large flakes and a gusty wind. 1.3c/0.1c.
  12. Heavy rain has turned a bit sleety but I feel it may be too late to turn to snow before it clears away. I've managed to keep a fair bit of snow despite rain off and on all day. Temperature 1.1c/0.3c.
  13. It really is too close to call with uppers just on the wrong side of marginal but surface cold maybe making the difference for some. I'm just 10 miles north east of Glasgow and its still snow for me from the little bunch of showers ahead of the main band but it wouldn't surprise me to see it turn to rain. 1.0c/-0.2c.
  14. Some light snow for me over the last hour that's passed through without really amounting to anything other than being good to see. I'm hoping that temperature either remains the same or ideally drops a little bit in advance of the heavier stuff. Currently 1.3c/-0.1c.