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  1. If you watch the radar loop zoomed in to BA20, very interesting to see the rain movements
  2. Peaty single malt lagavulin, captain morgans dark rum tribute proper job any local somerset cider cornish rattler draught drank in cornwall healeys oak aged cider hic snore
  3. I wasn't discussing cities in the uk. The south west is suffering still since December. Somerset and other parts of the sw region have suffered from excessive rain, wind and sea conditions. Mismanagement by government who don't care about rural areas. Political parties look after London and the north but don't care about other parts. Mulchelney cut off for three weeks and counting, if someone has a medical emergency the air ambulance gets called in. If flooding gets worse over the next 10 or 20 years the m5 could be compromised. No upgrade on strategic A303 coming to provide contingency
  4. http://www.westernga...tail/story.html planning for possible involvement of armed forces to assist in Somerset according to BBC news tonight, due to heavy rain forecasts. 3 weeks and people still cut off. if this happened in another country i.e the USA and fema a state of emergency would be declared for the county. Government a disgrace
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