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  1. Please, please let it snow so much I don't have to go into work tomorrow!!

  2. Of course I'm hoping for snow! I hibernate during the summer so just starting to wake up now.

  3. Hello. Been snowing here since about 1pm, only started settling in the last couple of hours so we have a covering now. It's wet snow though so struggling to stick a bit,really hope it does keep going, would be great to wake up to a white out tomorrow!

  4. haven't measured but reckon we have about 4cms of snow on the drive now. Really looking forward to the next couple of days (adding this using my phone so hope it works)

  5. What was that you said about going diving if there was no snow :)

  6. Thanks for the comment. I am getting so snow obsessed at the moment it's a bit ridiculous. If it doesn't snow this week I might just check myself into the loony bin.

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