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  1. 1 minute ago, WillinGlossop said:

    Going purely on netweather updated forecast 40cm snow next week for here... know next week is up in the air... will probably revert to 4cm hehe 😂 off to football ⚽️ in a bit..hopefully not too wet through by games end...

    I hope you stay dry mate but, as a Burnley fan I hope you come away disappointed and able to concentrate on the others trophies you are still in for🙂

    i can’t see it though

  2. 37 minutes ago, Spah1 said:



    Is it just me who feels really short changed when you see a weather warning for you area only to find it relates to ice.

    on this occasion i’m just outside the yellow zone but it irritates all the same, it’s not like ice even does anything.

    heavy rain, heavy snow, high winds you can see something happening but I can open my freezer door and see ice.

    sorry a bit of a tongue in cheek moment and it can cause accidents but it just shows how dull our region is weather wise when the best we can achieve is a warning for ice.

    if drizzle warranted a warning though, we’d be on permanent red alert.


  3. 5 minutes ago, Chris.R said:


     Only inland with considerable elevation. Wind is too strong. 

    It’s difficult to get any further from the sea than here and not many live higher than I do but i’m not that optimistic about seeing anything more than a slushy mess, as you say the wind will be to strong with too much of the cold being mixed out.

    even if we do get something lying I can’t imagine it lasting that long into the day, yes it will feel damn cold in the wind but forecast temperatures are at best average and probably on the mild side.

    never mind, hopefully plenty of opportunities coming up next week.

  4. Don’t worry folks, the channel low is back on so it’s all ok again in the mad thread.

    at least now I can concentrate on how many goals Citeh puts past us this afternoon without the additional worry of whether it will be snow or cold rain on a Tesco car park in north London.

    i’ll worry about our own underwhelming snowcast nearer the time.


  5. I haven’t had time to read 14 pages of whether it will be day after tomorrow conditions in the Home Counties but it’s a bit more depressing in the mod thread this morning so I can only assume that the model output isn’t as favourable as it was.

    cold and hopefully snow is coming though and although it’s probably the usual areas which benefit the most I hope we all have at least a few days of settling snow to look forward to.

  6. Folks in the mad thread are much happier again now as it looks like their snowmagedon is back on after once again pinching our bloody weather system.

    i haven’t looked myself but it sounds like they are expecting feet of the stuff with everyone north of the midlands getting jack s**t.

    Anyway history says they will end up being being right but until the Met O agrees with them i’ll keep my shovel at the ready.


  7. 2 minutes ago, Day 10 said:

    Bit crap that you can't see who's in here anymore

    I’m here but I know what you mean about no names showing.

    anyway only just got in so are we still in upgrade mode for our region next week and is it still dodge the low flying toys in the mad thread.

    Dare I have a full on ramp here and say that the Met. O forecast for the next couple of weeks has memories of the late 70’s and early 80’s winters about it.

     yes there will no doubt be downgrades but there are plenty of snow opportunities showing and the chance of severe frosts so all I all it could be a damn site worse

  8. Meto extended outlook still looks good for the region with plenty of snow chances and with a decent shot at something substantial over the next few days, things are certainly looking up after the grim crap of the last few months.

    it’s very much a case of wait and see but i think my love hate relationship with snow is going to be tested shortly.


  9. Looks like the wrist slashing and pram bashing of yesterday has died down in the mad thread so I assume the models are showing something a bit better overnight.

    There doesn’t sound to be much sign of the fabled easterly though with most of the action over coming days being from the NW so for once, our region could be prime spot for some decent snow.

    as usual from this direction though, uppers and ground temperatures could be a bit marginal so altitude may be a factor but  intensity should help in bringing snow to the lower levels found in parts exposed to the NW.

    hopefully we all see something better than a bit of transient crap and move away from what has so far been one hell of a frustrating and depressing winter.


  10. 6 minutes ago, Day 10 said:

    Aside from the ECM carcrash this morning, i expect snow warnings for the above to come out either today or tomorrow for our region. 

    Agreed, I think this system is pretty well nailed on now and with even colder air tucking in behind it could be one of those rare events when rain turns to snow or stays as snow right through.

    that would make a change from the default setting of a bit of snow that can’t wait to turn slushy as the mandatory warm sector moves in.

    as for who sees the most snow, very much up for grabs but I would imagine the usual mountain areas, North Wales, Cumbria etc should get a few hours of heavy snow as the front passes through but hopefully everyone will join in the action.


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