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  1. 6 minutes ago, itsnowjoke said:

    Have have you got antibiotics if not you need them it won’t go away in it’s own 

    They won’t usually give them for flu unless you’ve already been measured for your coffin.

    the chesty crap came afterwards and they tell you to let it go by itself but if it doesn’t go pretty sharpish they’ll have to give me something


  2. 1 minute ago, itsnowjoke said:

    Oh I know how you feel I had a bad cold to start last month which turned into a chest infection and after numerous times of ringing my GP to get an appointment they said they would treiage me over the phone and then the doctor would decide if I needed antibiotics but they kept giving me phone appointments when I was at work so I had to decline and do you know what she said to me “ you can’t take any of these phone appointments “ I said “no”

    then she said “ well it’s begs the question whether your actually ill” 

    i said “when I want a receptionist to diagnose me I will ask”

    not knocking any receptionists just this one 

    So I kicked off and they just left me a prescription 

    I couldn’t get an appointment until the following week so other than the two minutes the receptionist spent convincing me to stop being a drain on the NHS and just grow a pair it’s ended up being plenty of rest and strong tablets from over the counter.

    3 day’s is the longest time i’ve been off work for 20 years though so whatever it was, it’s a nasty little sod.

  3. 3 minutes ago, itsnowjoke said:

    Not fair sunburn last week frost bite this week

    Yeah you couldn’t make it up.

    i spent the best part of the warmest days in bed with flue and couldn’t decide whether to shiver or pour with sweat.

    now the damp weather has done its best to make a nasty chest infection even worse.

    at least it was an excuse to stop in today.

  4. 11 hours ago, CreweCold said:

    Never! 😂

    Still remember that game a few seasons back where we had 36 shots against you and still couldn't score lol. 

    I was there with work that day and expected an absolute stuffing but staggered away from OT with a smile wider than the Ship Canal.

    doubt that Heaton will ever have a finer day as Burnley keeper but with him in goal we are so much better as a unit and take games to sides who on paper, are so much better than us.

    Anyway good luck for today and the remainder of the season and we’ll concentrate on getting the two or three wins needed to see us sat at the posh table again next season.


  5. 3 hours ago, CreweCold said:

    Oh dear, the latest team to be Burnley'd. It's usually just us they show up against. 

    Crew you’re not letting that one drop are you😂

    Since our mauling against Everton we’ve showed up against everyone we’ve played whether home or away and that’s why we’re on the longest unbeaten run of anyone in the Prem other than yourselves.

     what it’s worth, I hope yours carries on tomorrow and before the seasons over maybe we can show up against Citeh, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

  6. 59 minutes ago, cheshire snow said:

    Warmest February day in serious danger of been broken sure Kev will correct me if I am wrong The ECM is a cracker if you like spring after a winter that disappointed in so many ways I am in full spring mode now and the ECM gets a😎from me


    Aye it’s been a decent few days and i’ll gladly take another couple of weeks like this before the proper heat arrives in March😀

    for those of us old enough to remember, this time 40 years ago couldn’t have been anymore different with probably the coldest snowiest February i’ve ever seen.

  7. Still some pretty beefy showers crossing Yorkshire from the North Sea but only time will tell if they have enough left in them to get over to our side.

    not a bad effort earlier this morning though and even though the streamer moved away from here soon after light it did give another inch or so top up along with the usual early morning chaos on the local roads.


  8. Couldn’t resist looking at the radar and that’s a decent streamer coming across the Pennines.

    its pretty narrow though and although i’m getting lucky at the moment, a movement of only 10 miles either way would take me out of the firing line.

    still it’s the third day with snow falling this week and after the dire first half of the winter when I couldn’t see us getting anything at all, it hasn’t turned out that bad.

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