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  1. I assume that today's northerly was more NW than expected. Either that or Sod's law was at play again as after a cricket score of winter northerly's have brought nothing but sun and dry conditions we get a spring one with heavy rain, large hail and, at times even wet snow. Oh to have that set up in January. Anyway at least signs are looking better for a reasonable BH weekend although anything is an improvement over the crap currently on offer.
  2. Bright here with an occasional glimpse of the bright orange ball but I think calling it sunny would be bordering on bare faced tying. Feels quite mild though, warm when the orange thingy comes out but as others have said it's still pathetic for the time of year. Hopefully next week will see things improve a bit although even an improvement to seasonal would be a start.
  3. Give it chance, it should improve this afternoon.In fact right on cue the sun has made it's first attempt at an appearance here.It's at least a bit warmer today at 12c compared to a maximum of 9c under yesterday's drizzle fest.
  4. Yes it's almost identical to those times where we sat right on the northern extent, got sod all and then watched it perk up and plaster those on the other side of the Pennines.Difference this time though is that they can keep it, snow and all and the same goes for any other southerly tracking lows until November at the earliest.I bet there weren't many on the southern threads today hoping for the corrections they bullishly demanded all winter.
  5. Looks like we got yours then.Lousy morning with frequent showers of rain, hail and sleet and a few rumbles of thunder thrown in for good measure.The afternoon has been better, especially later on but even in the sun it has still felt damn cold and certainly not like mid May.
  6. There has been a pattern over the last few years of dry springs followed by wet summers but unlike those, this year has been cold as well. Whether that has any baring on what the summer will bring is anyone's guess but at least no one can say this year that summer has peaked to early, certainly in this part of the country.You're right about how dry it is though with just above 220mm here since New Year. Keep that rate up until Christmas and 2013 will be at 40% of last year.
  7. Yes I must agree that today has been bleak at best and very disappointing for the time of year.I think the problem is that the last few years have had warm springs and this year has been the complete opposite.The only crumb of comfort is that the warm springs have been followed by poor summers so, although we are somewhat in uncharted territory this year it will hopefully lead to a much better summer this time around.No science with that forecast, just an idea that it can't be as bad as last year.
  8. It ended up as a decent weather day today IMBY and I had a good long walk as a result. Low point was nearly getting savaged off a loose Rottweiler on a public right of way across a field although luckily I was close enough to a gate to get on the safe side from it. Hi point was seeing a couple of Roe Deer jump out of the long grass less than 20 metres in front of me although by the time I'd got my camera they were way off in the distance. Amazing just how dry the ground is getting now with very little water in the streams coming down off the moors which considering last summers deluges is quite surprising and once the grass finally starts growing it will suck even more moisture out of ground. Lets hope that topping up from the sky is far more limited this summer. All in all a better day than forecast and in the sun it felt very pleasant.
  9. There's always been a big difference between temperatures in the Manchester area and up here in Rossendale and probably it has never been as noticeable as during this winter. On several occasions my wife who works in Mancheaster has left home with snow on the ground to find nothing down there and the opposite on the return journey.On the Saturday following the late March blizzard, I dug three feet of snow from behind the car to get my daughter to work in Bury.Down there was a slight slushy mess on the grass and nothing more.I did the same journey today and coming back up the M66, the Rossendale hills were again cloaked in white.Amazing what a difference a couple of hundred metres makes.
  10. Yeh just noticed that myself. Really sick of the constant cold now.
  11. Actually had a couple of sleet showers late this afternoon. I thought it was just hail but was melting flakes on the car windscreen on my way home from work. Never mind, at least we had a couple of warm days before the cold arrived. On sorry, I forgot we weren't invited to that party were we. Really sick of this constant cold now No leaves on thr trees and I still haven't cut the grass this year.
  12. Nothing worse than a cold damp cloudy day when you know that those Darn Sarf are enjoying wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures. Sorry yes there is something worse; when the London based media goes on non stop about it like the entire country is basking in the same glorious weather. It's certainly ironic that our region always seems to be in the wrong place to tap into any winter cold on offer but never has a problem joining in when cold is around in the other seasons. I suppose though that at least if our weather is crap now it won't seem much worse when the stuff to our north comes down later in the week. Roll on summer.
  13. How often do we see a wet Sunday afternoon turn into a dry sunny evening. It seems like the sort of scenario that crops up time after time during the spring/ summer/early autumn period and can be really frustrating when you're trying to make the most of the weekend.
  14. Don't think having a BBQ would feel just as pleasant today with the cloud and a nagging breeze.Went out walking this morning and it was like a return to contions of a couple of weeks ago and is certainly another example of "what a difference a day makes" in our weather.
  15. Yes lovely day here and nice and warm this afternoon although tempered by the wind.Went out in the car from work just after lunch and the temperature was showing 17c which if accurate makes it easily the warmest day of the year IMBY.
  16. 13'c here now. Less wind and a bit of sun and it would be a lovely day but the forecast is for rain this afternoon although it did say that it wouldn't last to long so hopefully won't spoil the day to much. The last bits of snow finally melted from our garden yesterday although white patches are still evident against the walls and gully's higher up but the warmer temperatures should make these disappear quite quickly now. Had enough of snow and frost, just want some warm sunny and dry weather now, something which has been sadly lacking for a long while.
  17. The difference in feel between yesterday and today has been massive. Yesterday, lovely and springlike in the sun, today damp and raw and feeling more like mid winter again. Amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine makes at this time of year.
  18. Strange sort of day. Been working in the garden all day and after a coolish start it felt nice and warm this afternoon, t shirt warm in fact. The thing which made it strange though was cutting back branches on trees while stood in snow. Not a lot left I must admit but it is still there in patches and gave the impression, certainly in these parts that we're not quite there yet.
  19. Statistics for the first 3 months of this year sum up the dryness and prolonged cold we have had IMBY. 179mm of rain although most of it fell as snow. 60 nights with temperatures below freezing point, 25 of them in March. 179mm seems a lot but when put against last summers deluges it is positively dry and I would certainly take the same over the next 3 months although wouldn't be happy with another 60 nights of frost. TBH I can't ever remember a winter where I've scraped ice of the car on as many occasions as this one.
  20. Probably late January here when the breakdown event was followed by a wet day where much of the heavy snow melted but since then it's either been snow or sometimes a sleety mixture but on the whole it's been dry. I still don't think that we will be looking at a drought later in the year although I hope we do as we are certainly due a dry summer and preferably a warm, dry one.
  21. A few pictures taken of what is left of the snow in this part of the region. On the fields and moors, very little remains but as the pictures show, many of the lanes and minor roads are still piled high. Most of the drifts were up to 5 feet high but some were as much as 10 feet and that is after a few days of partial thawing.
  22. Same here although fine again now. I make that 8 days running now with falling snow. Amazing really. What I'd give for 8 days of summer weather right now.
  23. Gone cloudy here now and without the sun it feels a lot colder. Currently 2.5c. Spoilt an otherwise decent day.
  24. Ricky Gervais, Ricky Gervais and Ricky Gervais. Other than that life is decent at the moment.
  25. Remember the days following this event. We had booked a weekend away in Edinburgh and left home on the Friday with about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Got to Edinburgh ok but in places around the borders the roads were single track with drifts many feet high. Edinburgh had a slight covering of snow but this was on everything and it was so cold that even that modest cm or so just refused to melt, even from cars driving around the city. It was commented at the time that it was the coldest conditions we could ever remember being out in and was certainly the case until early 2010. Coming home we took the A1 and conditions, certainly as far south as Alnwick were every bit as severe as in southern Scotland with power lines down here and there and many abandoned vehicles. This was actually the only time i can remember ever seeing a snow blower in operation.
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