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  1. Big Innes Madori

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Aboot 1cm o' snaw at hame and -7 Deg C when leaving for work. Car was showing -10 Deg C at Forestmill while driving tae work! Big Innes
  2. Big Innes Madori

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Aye he was posting regularly a week or so past and stirring the keech in the mad hoose Big Innes
  3. Big Innes Madori

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    A wee covering here! Whaur's Mr Mair Snaw by the way? Big Innes
  4. An that wiz withoot the Madori!
  5. A Happy New Year to all! Weather was good today, some early frost and a chilly sunny day fur a wee trek ower the fields. Maybe January will bring us winter and the snaw we all crave? Big Innes
  6. Merry Christmas tae a' Hope everyone had a great day! Was hoping for a frosty, sunny week but the withur is just bland boring keech. Big Innes
  7. So they want even Mair Snaw then! Big Innes
  8. Ooft! Everything's white noo within a few minutes Big Innes
  9. Sleet, Hail and Icy stuff here noo! Looks like it will be treacherous oot there Big Innes
  10. It looked like a thin layer O' Snaw up oan the hills here just before dark, but only the pish fa'in here at 650 feet. There is some icy stuff oan the cars at the moment though! Ah wiz nivur really confident a boot this event. Big Innes
  11. That will do me KW! A shame it will be short lived though. Big Innes
  12. Drivin tae wurk this morning, everything is white wi Frost its minus 4 Deg C and it started tae fkn rain! -4 and rain eh who'd a thunk it? Big Innes
  13. Aye, the fkn haar didnae take long tae find us again Hawesy! Looking at the TV Forecasts last night and being led to believe it would only be the coast that would be troubled by haar this morning? Big haar hatin Innes
  14. Thankfully there was no thunder storm here KW, but could here thunder to the North East towards Kinross. We did get a few spots of the wet stuff about 6-7 pm and some light showers over night, but not too much! As NL mentioned in a recent post, the trouble we in Scotland have is when the wet stuff starts it can forget to stop!!! Cloudy misty overcast here today with the Sun occasionally trying to break through. Big waiting patiently Innes
  15. Ah hope tae fk it's my part of Scotland Anything that brings rain can get tae, fur me! Big Innes