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  1. Aye, the fkn haar didnae take long tae find us again Hawesy! Looking at the TV Forecasts last night and being led to believe it would only be the coast that would be troubled by haar this morning? Big haar hatin Innes
  2. Thankfully there was no thunder storm here KW, but could here thunder to the North East towards Kinross. We did get a few spots of the wet stuff about 6-7 pm and some light showers over night, but not too much! As NL mentioned in a recent post, the trouble we in Scotland have is when the wet stuff starts it can forget to stop!!! Cloudy misty overcast here today with the Sun occasionally trying to break through. Big waiting patiently Innes
  3. Ah hope tae fk it's my part of Scotland Anything that brings rain can get tae, fur me! Big Innes
  4. Or as we say in Fife! Basturt Haar, that's a half a shift O' Taps Aff fkn lost Big Haar Hatin Innes
  5. Thought we were to get a dry weekend here, but it's pishin a basturtin rain. Big well fkdaff Innes
  6. My eldest daughter, son in law and grandson are on holiday on Islay this week! Big Innes
  7. Heavy graupel showers here till about early afternoon and then continuous wet Snaw from about 3 pm, all white oot there noo! Yesterday efty here, wiz dam near taps aff and bellies oot while wurkin in the gairdin Big Innes
  8. A couple of inches o' snaw here this morning and strong East winds blowing it about with drifting. Big Innes
  9. Just started tae snaw here! Big Innes
  10. Ouch! I get your point stormeh and agree with your point about people being nasty to store staff when the cannot get Bread and Milk in particular. Rural communities like our villages, may only have one wee shop to serve 1500 / 2000 or so people including the farmers and folks with wee properties outlying. There are many Old folks and families with young children and bread and milk can be a big part of their essentials. On Friday my son in-law and I along with three other guys trudged for 3.5 hrs through mostly waist deep sometimes head high snaw to get to the chemists in Oakley to collect prescriptions for Mrs Big Innes and many others in the villagers and also to see if there was, yes bread and milk but it was all sold out by that time. Older folks may only survive on tea and toast and need to have hot drinks in these colder spells! Sorry Stormeh, that's my rant over. Big Innes
  11. Some pics of the local roads up till today some copied from friends! Aching noo from digging oot the past four days and our community cannot thank the local farmers enough for working tirelessly trying to open the roads in these parts with their tractors and diggers. The local shop was out of the essentials and when we eventually got one route open to Kelty M90 today and got down to Asda at Halbeath, to try to get some supplies for ourselves and neighbours, they had no Fkn bread or milk as all the Townies had been panic buying the past few days Big Innes
  12. Oot clearing snaw and just had a flash o' lightning and big clap o' thunder wi heavy snaw grains! Big Innes
  13. A couple o' big nails in his tyres should sort the fkr! Big Innes
  14. Ouch Edo Noo that's pure rippin it right oot ye mate! Big Innes
  15. Ah Mondys back. Must be something interesting happening! Big Innes