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  1. Happy 50th birthday Cheggers!πŸ₯³ Just another number mateπŸ‘ Big Innes
  2. Thanks Blitzy! Aye the big 60 🀫 ouch😁 Big Innes
  3. Whit a beautiful cauld Snaw covered morning tae get up and realise that yer noo entitled tae a Bus Pass!!! 🀫 Big Innes 😁
  4. Driving to work this morning and while approaching Linlithgow from the Falkirk end, I had to stop to clear my windscreen due to salt and low Sun Glare, the car thermometer was reading -16 Deg C 😲 At about 10 am I nipped out to the car to fill the Screen Wash bottle and turned the ignition on and it was still reading -14 Dec at that time! So it has been and still is nice and fekin cauld oot!😁 Big Innes
  5. As I had mentioned in a previous post, it is difficult to determine exactly how much Snaw we got here due to the winds which accompanied the heavy showers and caused much drifting. I can see some neighbours gardens which have had more shelter from the swirling winds and the auld patio table top standard would look to be a good 12" plus! A decent event me thinks and very picturesque indeed 😁😁😁 Would it be right tae say that the the warm up early next week, may be short lived and the Easterlies will be back very soon?πŸ€” Big Innes
  6. It's so windy here that I can only guess that we may have had aboot 4-6" of what would have been level Snaw? Drifts whipped up from swirling winds and some surfaces blown totaly clear! Big Innes
  7. Looking at the latest BBC forecasts on the news, it would appear that the bulk of the shower bands are heading for the Tay and Angus areas today? Big Innes
  8. The caulder temps overnight appear to have done a good job of drying up a fair bit of the hellish wetness from a couple o' days o' pure pish πŸ™… Been some grauple showers which have started to cover all surfaces nice and white πŸ˜€ Just waiting oan the real deal noo! Big Innes
  9. Aye Blitzy! A few wee Scottish withur types πŸ€” A poor day with occasional spits & spots of rain = pish A bad day with lots of rain = pishy A hellish day with constant rain = pure pish A day of Blizzard conditions = ya fekin belter!!! 😁😁😁 And a perfect summer's day wi Blue Skies and Temperatures in the mid 20' = fekin Taps aff 😁😁😁 Big Innes
  10. For about the past hour here all of the heaviest precipitation is definitely Snaw, then as it eases off again it is mostly spits and spots o' pish 😁 Big Innes
  11. A decent covering here of aboot 2" although it has been Snawing here most of the day and still is falling and blowing around in the wind! The covering however is definitely different on various types of surfaces πŸ€” Driving to work this morning and on return this evening and while going through the nearby village of Saline, the top of the village and main street was White with Snaw, while about a 1/4 of a mile down the main street at the bottom of the village it was wet with no Snaw to be seen 😯 Big Innes
  12. News jist in! EH,Naw πŸ₯± It has mostly been wet Snaw or sleety pish a' day, with the white Snaw covering from aboot the 800 ft asl oan the Hills here 😴 Big Innes
  13. Stated Snawing here noo after earlier sporadic bits of rain! Let's see if it brings anything worth talking aboot πŸ€” Big Innes
  14. Aye Ruzzy What's the story morning glory!πŸ€”πŸ€­πŸ˜ Big Innes
  15. Aye Ben! Mrs had been up at 5am and she said that it had been Snawing quite heavy at that time!😁
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