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  1. Looks like it has finally stopped here noo Blitzy! I know that a lot of our team on here like their Thunder Storms, but could we mibeez all collectively wish for a prolonged spell of Blue Skies and Sunshine? Our local park here is Fkn saturated and it's the local kids Gala day next Saturday. Even during the hot days this week, it was squelching tae walk oan and the coming week disnae look good either! Fksake Big Innes
  2. Driving home after work at 5pm the temperature was mostly 30 Deg C - 27 Deg C However on the M9 passing Grangemouth it was reading 34 Deg C, so to experience this heat I turned off the air con and opened the windae and it felt like when ye step aff the plane on yer holidays! Thunder has been banging aboot mostly tae the East of here, Kelty direction and beyond! Big Innes
  3. Aye HC, it looks like we have descended in to the auld boak enducing North / South divide! This week they have been enjoying 21-24 Deg C doon the Sooth East and it's taken for granted and no headline news, unless it's the High 20's tae Mid 30's Deg c!!! Big Vomiting Innes
  4. And here's today's withur! Eh,Pish!!! Big Innes
  5. Still some snaw lying here and feeling raw. Fkn exhausted watching the Calcutta Cup game! Whit a come back by Scotland and unlucky no tae hang oan fur the win!!! Big Innes
  6. Aye, same here SL2! Was heavy this morning which gave us a boot a 2" covering, it then rained for a few hours and melted some of the lying snaw but back tae falling snaw noo. Big Innes
  7. Fekin massive flakes here noo and everything whitening up nicely! Big Innes
  8. Aye, it's spring time noo eh, that's the snaw oan! Steady Smaw falling here noo, and everything with a thin white covering. Big Innes
  9. A short Sharp burst o' snaw earlier, had hoped that it might have lasted an hour or so, but eh naw! Thinkin about this winter so far, we have had mair frost thickness than snaw depth in these parts Big fkn snaw starved Innes
  10. Just another day at the office up there DL Big Innes
  11. Aboot 1cm o' snaw at hame and -7 Deg C when leaving for work. Car was showing -10 Deg C at Forestmill while driving tae work! Big Innes
  12. Aye he was posting regularly a week or so past and stirring the keech in the mad hoose Big Innes
  13. A wee covering here! Whaur's Mr Mair Snaw by the way? Big Innes
  14. An that wiz withoot the Madori!
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