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  1. The silly buggr must hae sampled too much o' the Highland sauce and wandered aff piste! Big Innes
  2. A pure Blizzard O' a post LS 😁 Welcome back Big Innes
  3. A modest 2 cm lying snaw at home this morning when leaving for work! Every snaw fall/cover is appreciated Big Innes
  4. Eh, was More Snow no the 2016 Central England Hide & Seek Champion? Fk sake, we'll nivir fund um A' right then Mair Snaw come oot, wi gie up noo! Big Innes
  5. A boot 4 inches O' Snaw here this morning! Big Innes
  6. Snaw just started here, very light but lying instantly! Big Innes
  7. Eh July! Big Innes
  8. Noo ahm guessing PG, that the official Kilted Snaw Depth Gauge, requires said Scotsman wi a Calibrated Langchanter Big Innes
  9. Warm-reekin, rich Mmm, a fkn haggis that escaped last week Big Innes
  10. or these crackers? Ooft Big Innes
  11. Opens the door, comes in tae the forum, nae feker there! 😱 Mmm, thurs and fekin snaw😒 Puts the milk bottles oot, goes back oot an shuts the door.πŸ˜› Big Innes
  12. Aye, the big melt is well underway here noo!😩 Big Innes
  13. Ye need tae change yer name tae Mair Snaw 😁 Big Innes
  14. Another great winters day even though we only got about 1cm from the front which came over. Cannae complain as there is the best part of a foot O' snaw lying here. It has however been steady drizzle now for aboot 3hrs, but strangely not having any impact at the moment oan the lying snaw, even on the trees? Maybe something that our more techy guys can comment on? A couple o' pics to show the snaw still well intact! Fkn camera oan the tablet taking pics side oan. grr. Big Innes
  15. Just been back out to pick up my daughter from her day out and the car display was showing -10 Deg C on the Forestmill to Saline road! Big Innes