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  1. Finally the temperaturas has fallen, before hot summer, and first half october. Today in huelva 12ºc min, until 7ºc in province areas. Yesterday 14ºc, and the day before 16ºc. WWW.METEOHUELVA.BLOGSPOT.COM (THE LINK DOWN IN MY SIGNATURE), for more information. See you soon
  2. Record of Spain was Murcia 47,8ºc Seville record is no valid, for bad instruments and enplacement. Berja is very custionated, at 15 km of the sea. Villes of Huelva, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen and Badajoz, has registred 46-47ºc during 2003 hot wave. www.MeteoHuelva.Blogspot.com
  3. This Summer has been very hot in Spain. In Huelva province, at West Seville, reacht 42,0ºc on the coast twice on July and August. In my weather station, 12 km more far of the sea, 43,0ºc. In some points of the province at 150-200 m above the sea, 44º-45ºc- Cordoba and Seville reach 46ºc, and Murcia, Alicante, Badajoz and Huelva 44º-45ºc. www.MeteoHuelva.Blogspot.com Sorry for my poor English See you soon
  4. Hello friends, in Huelva, at west andalucia, yestesday was a hot day, 36,8ºc maximum temperature. May has been a hot month, with 38,4ºc maximun temperatura 14th day, and more days over 35ºc. More information: www.MeteoHuelva.blogspot.com See you soon
  5. Good afternoon from Huelva, southwest Spain. Today we have a very warm day with some rain, so far have fallen 6 mm, temperature extremes now today is 14 º C and 20 °c, we expect a decline normal values the next days with minimum of 7 º c. More Information friends: WWW.METEOHUELVA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  6. Good morning from Huelva: I return here after a long time. In Huelva, SW end of Spain as well as the region de Andalucia have had a long summer, with maximum 30 ° c until a few days. Temperatures have dropped, and these days it rained, today minimum temperature was 12 °C, aye the maximum was 22 ºC. More Information: www.MeteoHuelva.Blogspot.com See you soon
  7. May was a very hot month in Spain. You can see more information here: WWW.MeteoHuelva.Blogspot.com See you soon
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