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  1. and this website illustrates with a burn stain where it happened - LOL https://www.windy.com/-Show---add-more-layers/overlays?radar,51.625,0.598,9 ps make the Goat run for 6 hours - bottom of screen
  2. Oh Shirley not another one! Thought about getting some sleep In coming could be a fun night for some https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/infraPolair
  3. Lovely storm just passed by - soo cool and wet (-: More later pleeeze
  4. Fabulous... but next time can you turn the strings of garden lights on
  5. Been outside to have a beer sitting on a wet seat - Yayyy! Want to pitch a tent in the garden tonight, inside home its 31c - outside is a lovely 21c ! On second thoughts it might be a bit wetter tomorrow by the time I wake up
  6. I don't think I've heard this much of a constant rumbling of thunder in my life.. Seems somewhere a little south west from here is really getting some (-: so we'll prob miss this one. But for anyone missing out so far rest assured these come out of nowhere just look at sat24 clouds Goodluck
  7. Just had one storm (ish) and waiting for the next one to come over - very dark here
  8. Big intermittent drops of rain accompanied by near constant rumbling thunder here in Welwyn
  9. What to expect There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to train and bus services Spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures There is a slight chance that power cuts could occur and other services to some homes and businesses could be lost There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life translated to: We can’t accurately predict where thunderstorms will happen (a bit similar to snow) but rest assured they are likely, tho not definitely in your back garden When, and if a Thunderstorm happens it will be wet and flashy, so keep grounded and take care out there, especially if you are playing golf with your grandmother We’ll update you all via social media and the web when we hear there’s something important to report or might do this just before it happens - if there's more than a small chance
  10. Pixel

    In Memoriam

    103 years for Kirk and 96 for Mr Parsons wow! 'Respect' for all the memories. R.I.P ?
  11. Jesus! and now there's this new 'a spaceman came travelling' song 2nd coming?
  12. I bought an MG Midget (1976) 13yrs ago for £2k and it's now worth £3.5k+, so in theory you could buy three on your budget - but it's not about the investment, it's the love ? Easy to work on, parts are cheap and fun to drive. No Tax, no MOT needed yet worth having for insurance purposes. Which is £90 a year if you limit your mileage.. No brainer, if you've a garage (somewhere dry to park it) and don't use it to commute everyday, spesh in the rain (-:
  13. Have you been away from your veg a while? Part of the nurture process includes watering... Plants they need water.. like humans need a kebab or a bucket of KFC every now and then ?
  14. Oh ye of little faith - fear not, the warmth will come again briefly ... but it will before the end of Summer ?
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