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  1. Pixel

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Please rain soon: Grass (the type you walk on) is burnt. Picture shows human sundial occupied by our hot chicks at 7pm (-: Haven't had any significant rain since May bank hols.. All water butts empty )-: Love a hot spell but this is too much....! and it has nothing to do with Brexit, the World cup or Trumpy trump!
  2. Pixel

    Breaking news

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44732754 Trump inflatable approved by Londons Mayor - you could not make this story up ! (-: I sooooo hope they get permission from CAA, and everyone in the world! but I guess Mr 'Pwesidoh!' will nuke it while Airfarce numero uno passes by.. 'fragile ego , tiny hands' LOL - i nearly fell off my island, which i created myself btw !
  3. Pixel

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    This happened here last year and then someone told me that it was last years figs that were dropping cos I hadn't pruned em out as failures from that year? The fig tree is in large pot here so it dries out regularly so just water yours when you can... All a bit of a mystery them figs.... This year there's quite a few fat ones looking good for late summer - fingers crossed you'll revive it in time (-: Couldn't eat all the tasty crop of parsnip and carrot last winter so we let a few remainers flower to use the seed for next. The foliage, seed-heads (and flowers) are quite pretty. 6ft tall too !
  4. I'm tempted to look at the moon phases and sun spots in conjunction with a few farmers near the seaside for a decent forecast but i hear that putting a sea shell up to one's ear is quite good also 5% chance of rain 19oc here on Meto 1% chance of rain 20oc here on BBC Looks warmer and dry-er with a likely hood of boring sameness on all other investigations ! but what do i know interpreting the forecasts available? 'ummm there be change in the air in these parts, the 4 by 4 's and sparrows ar' nigh be seen'
  5. Apologies if this subject has raised and had it's head cut off in other discussions but I couldn't find a thread that dealt with the disparity between Met office and BBC forecasts. I'm at a loss as to know which to believe since the BBC dis associated itself from the meto. Oh and those percentages (%) for rainfall, toss a coin at 50 % chance for the past hour... sounds like covering ones backside to me. Presently I'm using Sat24 for live images, rain today or Netweather and some apps. All well and good for NOW but the next three days forecast seem to have become very different and confusing. This one is great if you want to build an arc: http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SAT_NHEM/animweur.html Navigating within this page is desperate: http://wxcharts.eu/?panel=default&model=icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu&region=europe&chart=overview,850temp,wind10mkph,snowdepth&run=06&step=030&plottype=10&lat=51.904&lon=-0.154&skewtstep=0 and a crazy alternative to what was presented previously on national TV and tinternet and then there's Meteociel.fr for fun !! Our national forecast on mainstream media has gone 'breasts pointing upwards' IMHO (in my humble opinion)
  6. Pixel

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Yay! 218 visitors - over £2k raised for NGS charities in plant sales/cakes and admission - Weather was perfect for the day esp considering the rain and thunderstorms the day after, phew! Now it's time to plant the winter parsnip/carrot and beetroot (-:
  7. Pixel

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    ...as well as being nuts about the weather (specially snow and thunderstorms) i am a passionate garden maker though never really said anything about it on this thread.. We've opened up our garden for the last five years for charity, to raise money via the National Garden Scheme (NGS) and a Local Hospice. £12K so far ! It's a little late notice but worth a mention if anyone you know is passing this way in Hertfordshire on Bank Hols Monday, we're open 28th May 1-5pm come rain or shine (-: If you or anyone you know likes unusual plants, tea and home-made cakes/scones here are the details: https://www.ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/garden/29770/ https://twitter.com/GdnLessOrdinary
  8. Pixel

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Great post Jen+ Inspires me to get a few pix of what is happening here down here in Herts. We just planted seeds for our beetroot, parsnip and carrot for next winter yet still have some left over from last year! The snails seem to be abundant this year, chomping away at sweet peas, hostas, lupin and alike. Amazes me how the little blighters travel so far and high to get to the good stuff (-:
  9. Pixel

    Show us your pet

    no point posting here anymore
  10. Pixel

    Show us your pet

    @Mokidugway10 thousand reactions doesn't make you likeable, nor does it mean that you are just sayin...
  11. Yup..pretty big indeed for our parts.. it woke me up and now can't get back to sleep - wish I'd been awake to take some photos https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/rainTMC maybe a bit more before the night over but I'll prob miss it - again (-:
  12. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcpyg5y98 The bunny is alive, I saw it's nose twitch Could get a bit wet tomorrow, glad we're not up north travelling
  13. Thanks.. yes i get that... it's just just the blurred blue and red numbers that i cant read..maybe it's cos I'm reading it on a desktop ...or merely getting old while trying to look for stuff sorry just ignore me as i pass by..
  14. Yes.. agree - yet don't understand the graphic... it's just full of small numbers and colours - sorry ignorant me (-:
  15. ..prob in rehab with Gordon the gopher.. or doin time like a few others.. Can't wait to wake up to a top up of the 1 inch we have had fallen in Welwyn today, settling in shade and in un-warmed surfaces from previous days sun is quite a result - Might be enough to make a snow creation ( gotta be non gender specific so as not to - you know - offend anyone searching!) before all the snow melts. 'tis so nice to watch snow.... fall... mesmerising <hypnotized emoticon>