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  1. Jesus! and now there's this new 'a spaceman came travelling' song 2nd coming?
  2. I bought an MG Midget (1976) 13yrs ago for £2k and it's now worth £3.5k+, so in theory you could buy three on your budget - but it's not about the investment, it's the love Easy to work on, parts are cheap and fun to drive. No Tax, no MOT needed yet worth having for insurance purposes. Which is £90 a year if you limit your mileage.. No brainer, if you've a garage (somewhere dry to park it) and don't use it to commute everyday, spesh in the rain (-:
  3. Have you been away from your veg a while? Part of the nurture process includes watering... Plants they need water.. like humans need a kebab or a bucket of KFC every now and then
  4. Oh ye of little faith - fear not, the warmth will come again briefly ... but it will before the end of Summer
  5. Lots of lightning and thunder in Stevenage, just north of here. Looks good on the radar too
  6. Just some keen weather watcher who doesn't have a social media profile/history that could potentially spoil any chance i might get work
  7. I get lots of work cos I'm not on social media ....cos no-one knows who i am
  8. Pixel

    Did you know.

    donner what your talkin about ...bring back 'Wimpy' and those squishy tomato shaped sauce dispensers sorry off topic - peanut in every bite (-:
  9. Tweets from a guy who became president of a large country by receiving most votes from folk who don't have a passport. oh... and phone zombies too (-:
  10. Take some photos and put them up in here, I'm sure we'll be able to help you out.
  11. Frustrating isnt it? been hoping for some rain from this but as you say it just disappears before it gets here.. I'm off to water the plant pots.... maybe that'll make it rain check this loop out for the last three hours: https://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/radar?CONT=ukuk&CREG=cha&LTYP=vie&LANG=en&STRUCTUR=_&W=0&L=0&SLP=0&ROAD=0&CITY=&LF=0&SUM=0&LOOP=1
  12. Pixel

    Did you know.

    finding a thread to post in reduces your life span by the time you spent reading and replying to it.. I didn't
  13. Great photos. long lens ? (-: The 'sun behind tree' image is very poignant - looks like a wild fire
  14. re OP Seems we've had 'waves of extremes' the 'beast from the east' - cold then warmish then another shocker cold that confused spring plant growth Now we have dry oscillation - hot then little rain and what looks like another dry spell coming in thro August to further confuse crops Maybe the jet stream is reacting to something higher up in the stratosphere, little of which i know about but there seems to be a pattern of decaying extremes with regard to winter and summer this year - esp in the south. Might have an Atlantic driven turbulent start to autumn - repeat/rinse till winter - then who knows.. but very interesting to experience if your life doesn't depend on the weather !
  15. not a good prognosis ...buy some more and nurture like they were a pet or hobby or a partner (-;
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