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  1. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcpyg5y98 The bunny is alive, I saw it's nose twitch Could get a bit wet tomorrow, glad we're not up north travelling
  2. Thanks.. yes i get that... it's just just the blurred blue and red numbers that i cant read..maybe it's cos I'm reading it on a desktop ...or merely getting old while trying to look for stuff sorry just ignore me as i pass by..
  3. Yes.. agree - yet don't understand the graphic... it's just full of small numbers and colours - sorry ignorant me (-:
  4. ..prob in rehab with Gordon the gopher.. or doin time like a few others.. Can't wait to wake up to a top up of the 1 inch we have had fallen in Welwyn today, settling in shade and in un-warmed surfaces from previous days sun is quite a result - Might be enough to make a snow creation ( gotta be non gender specific so as not to - you know - offend anyone searching!) before all the snow melts. 'tis so nice to watch snow.... fall... mesmerising <hypnotized emoticon>
  5. Summer Sun.... You intrigue me with your positive passion for posting over the years. So, for 13th March, Weather observations where I'm at - check here: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IWELWYN8 but for the 14th March onward is different thing.. Maybe you could ask for a specific thread for everyone to update everyday ?
  6. @E17boy - sorry i'm unable quote your post... ..a dry easterly at this time of year probably won't happen as there's too much competition with the warmth (and resultant convective strength) of the sun and moisture driven up from the land/sea/atlantic. The magic (snow) happens when that warmth and moist meets cold from the east - Winters last blast maybe. it's a weather watchers fun time - a bit like thunderstorms in the summer (-:
  7. Where did you get that photo of me?
  8. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Pruned back quite a few large shrubs today then saw some of the model forecasts! OMG ...and then noticed that the Frogs had been busy at it in the pond - sooo much Frogspawn ! As much as i like snow I'm hoping that there won't be too many frosts or subzero temps with wind this coming weekend chart links here: http://wxcharts.eu/?panel=default&model=icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu&region=europe&chart=overview,850temp,wind10mkph,snowdepth&run=06&step=120&plottype=arpege_4&lat=51.904&lon=-0.154&skewtstep=0
  9. Ladies and gentle parts i fear we may be moving off topic away from impending coldness and it would be so sad if we couldn't all play in the snow together (-: sorry that didn't sound right did it.. I was just thinking it would be sad to get banned or deleted that's all
  10. Something for the weekend ...maybe: http://wxcharts.eu/?panel=default&model=icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu,icon_eu&region=europe&chart=overview,850temp,wind10mkph,snowdepth&run=12&step=111&plottype=arpege_4&lat=51.904&lon=-0.154&skewtstep=0 ^^don't worry it's only a link to WXCharts showing a slight likelihood of snow falling in our region - mid March keep an eye on the 'ARPEGE' when it updates as it was quite accurate last time round.
  11. I just want to say: this really did happen (-: amazing things happen & chaos theory proves it.
  12. ooh what a fab time we’ve had, tho glad not to have needed medical attention, been stuck on a train, hit by a driver whilst they texted on a mobile or fell over my shadow into a ditch et al. Hope all the mad NW snow posters stay safe and enjoy their hibernation till the next time.. This is my last pic this season unless the snow thaws enough to mould it into something - view from our front door inc the lamp post weather station Tis been great to read everyone’s excitement and +ve comments - We’re a strange and lovely lot and long may it continue (-; ps 10cms this time as opposed to 15 ish dec12 2017 but the experience was fun.
  13. Yeh freezing rain here in Welwyn, it's punching holes through the snow like little meteorites. Glad I'm not driving car in it. Hopefully turn to snow soon as others have witnessed