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  1. tease and only 168 hours till Christmas dinner
  2. Went to the bookies last week... they said 7/4 for Edinburgh and 5/1 for Heathrow so i took em both - they didn't like it when i asked for an each way bet Do you think i should go into the mad mod thread and ask if it's going to snow in Welwyn on christmas day? ... prob not.. as someone in st Albans would love to shoot me Happy Christmas weather surprises everyone (-:
  3. ^ @m1chaels There seems to be some kind of sleet/snow appearing on the radar: https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/snow I'm hopeful for a 'top up' on top of the 15cms here! but expect a mild thaw till a chance for more on thursday: http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?&ech=36&mode=2
  4. Things that tick you off?

    Happy Christmas emails (sent instead of cards) that don't even have your name on them....
  5. Sunday morning could turn out a glory for snow in some areas down here
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Seen an orange sun here... and a few manipulated orange landscapes too Point a camera at the sun and it underexposes everything around it - Ophelia or not (-: Here's a real time tracker for ISS http://www.isstracker.com/ with video here:this is the linkwww.ustream.tv/channel/iss-hdev-payload next pass over some of us soon, but what we'll be able to see will depending on its camera orientatio
  7. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    spoiler alert... i just (half) watched a film called '100° Below Zero' & It was the definition of c*ap... ...a 1 star review on Amazon.. what was i thinking? and why?
  8. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    that's when i hope to wake up.. but then I had hoped to die in my sleep. Life is full of surprises
  9. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    as long as it's over by 10am.
  10. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    I only came here after seeing the post quoted about a 'high school for the socially awkward' then found your wee post... yeh me too <embarrassed emoticon> but getting back to my original reason for posting: my headmaster did say in my final report 'he <me> will do well away from this place! I rest my case
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Seriously the best graphical representation I have ever seen... Thank you. It puts the scale of these hurricanes into perspective
  12. Hurricane Irma

    ..and for some light relief before bedtime the BBC has made this page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/41201494/people-like-ryon-are-going-to-shoot-at-hurricane-irma <crazy emoticon> ps nite-nite sleep tight knowing the world is in a safe place
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Taking into account of the super computers (et al') analysis over the last two weeks i think it quite unlikely that Irma is going to hang left into the gulf of Mexico - but hey you called it first (-;
  14. Hurricane Irma

    http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SAT_US/animvis.html for a closer view of current activity
  15. Hurricane Irma

    Link to Animation of water vapour: http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SAT_NHEM/animweur.html Bookmark, as there's plenty of other graphical info also available from this link. Crazy sad times for all folk enduring Irma and more