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  1. Lots of cloud iridescence in the sky today above the Peaks, these examples taken at just past 5pm.
  2. Tomorrow's forecast looks interesting with the low passing to the north, GFS expecting 36mph gusts but the temperatures still staying at around 20'c.
  3. Dark base underneath the TCu towards Buxton, thunder in the distance heard here.
  4. I take a hour's nap, and now we have initiation towards the Goyt Valley
  5. Anvils from the storms over Lancs/Yorks visible in the clearer skies here, looks to be some embedded convection building along the southern side.
  6. Something of interest is the convergence from Liverpool to Hull from the northern-storms outflow, reflected in a change of runway use at MAN the past couple of hours.
  7. Rain from AcCas convection now coming down here, unexpected, light to moderate.
  8. Looks like cells are developing southwards Cheshire into Derbyshire currently? maybe me waking up with the PCu fan has sparked some extra CAPE lol.
  9. Glad I wasn't doing a all-nighter watching the skies for anything here as it looks like everything has been more westwards than forecasted by the models, hopefully the heat of the day is already underway for stragglers behind the CF across the Midlands and NW.
  10. Small 'jellyfish' accas clouds to the south here, looks like things are trying to build.
  11. Personally I rely on the forecast TAF outputs than from the Beeb, pretty much going for a midlands-north thundery outbreak overnight with hail.
  12. Manchester TAF is interesting, going for thunderstorms from 8pm, and just past through midnight is a chance of thunderstorms with associated 'heavy hail.'
  13. Warm and sticky overnight here even with the windows open, watching the MAN overheads and inbounds before the weather-turns later on. The air feels potent outside for some good rumbles of thunder into the afternoon/evening.
  14. Manchester TAF short-term is going for rain showers into the evening tonight. Just as I say that, there looks to be a small cell towards the Stockport area, very localised.
  15. Large rumble of thunder here, quite unexpected from a shower just giving light-moderate rain.