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  1. Well just taken dog for a walk to nearest newsagents to get supplies and can confirm that we have persistent light snow that covered the cleared car windscreen again in the 40 minutes that we were out. Windy and nippy too but warmer than last night at -2.2C. Still coming down and definitely lots of small flakes rather than snizzle.
  2. Without wishing to cause too much excitement in here but totally in line with my earlier post this PM I suggest that you all look at the following: https://www.buienradar.nl/wereldwijd/europa/buienradar/3uurs This is a 3 hr radar projection from the Netherlands rain radar and shows a large area of organised activity developing just off Ostend and the Hook of Holland that appears to be heading in our general direction as the winds start to veer more Easterly - the potential for some significant accumulations from that later this evening!
  3. Was surprised at the lack of N.Sea convection (and hence poor looking upstream shower generation for Yorkshire) for such a cold airmass so had a quick look at the 06z runs and surprised myself! I had assumed that we were in the sub 510 dm air already but the charts indicate that this air isn't actually here yet. It is due to move in between 1500 and 1800 this PM and then hang around until tomorrow evening so this period seems by far the most likely for heavy shower generation for our area. I'd be amazed if everybody doesn't have a decent covering by tomorrow morning at the latest!
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