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  1. The lavendar in both my front and back garden was covered in Red Admirals yesterday and there's at least a dozen on the one outside my lounge window at the moment. Not many other butterflies though - just the odd white around.
  2. Well we've just had a tremendous storm here with lots of lightning, thunder and torrential rain. Only saw one or two cloud to ground flashes as most were inthe cloud. One was immediately overhead which (a) scared the living daylights out of me and (b) nearly deafened me as it was so loud. Its now drifted away northeastwards and the clouds were a fantastic pinky orange colour.
  3. PeteG

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    I doubt it. It's only called a supermoon because it nearness coincides with it being a full moon. The moon circles the Earth in 4 weeks and has an oval orbit so it is presumably closer to the planet every couple of weeks and I don't think there's a fortnightly pattern to earthquake activity.
  4. After a brief lull more heavy rain and thunder is approaching from the WSW. Just had the loudest clap of thunder of the afternoon.
  5. Raining heavily here and the thunder and lightning between here and Nottingham is getting much closer.
  6. It's in my bird book which dates from the 1970s as a Dunnock (there's definitely no hedge sparrow). I've had these living in my very small back garden for years.
  7. PeteG

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    There were reports from Afghanistan and Pakistan on the BBC this morning, on the lunchtime news, and the 6 o'clock news this evening.
  8. Five Red Admirals on the lavendar and too many bees to count.
  9. I think where KL is wrong is in calling it an "ice gain" as it is described as Surface Mass Balance and as such the vast majority of it will be snow.
  10. The statement says "ice growth which didn't exist in 2006". Since it freezes every year it obviously did exist in 2006.
  11. That can't be right, it's showing green in Hudson Bay which freezes every year.
  12. PeteG

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Do you honestly want me to believe that volcanic activity under the Antarctic ice, which no doubt has been going on for millenia, has suddenly increased sufficiently to cause the current rate of ice loss! You'll be telling me next that the large number of new volcanoes that have been discovered under the oceans are causing the increase in sea water temperature, when it's the equivalent of me chucking a bucket of hot coals into Lake Windermere.
  13. I believe the ships were trapped in the ice and we don't know how far they were carried before they finally sank. They presumably only made it to that area because of the ice cover.