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  1. Afternoon! I've been in work since 5am, just come out to my car and it's covered in perfectly round specks of dirt and so is everyone else's! Is there Saharan dust over us? I didn't even think we were due a shower. I don't think I'm going insane 🤣
  2. I'm in Aylesbury and the heaviest snow has been to our northeast never quite making it here except for a few instances. Very strange how the heaviest precip decays juuuuuust as it gets to the town lol. Constant snow here for a fair few hours now but it's not amounting to much! A bit on the grass. Pretty disappointing in that respect but at least I can see it falling! I'm sure a 20 minute drive to the northeast it's winter wonderland!
  3. Can someone explain why the hell precipitation peps up and skirts around my town? If it was plain old rain it slams head on, snow just skirts around or fizzles out before it gets to me and then peps up once it's passed. I don't know why but I am getting so freaking frustrated it's actually really sad 😂
  4. I was camping in Snowdonia and meant to be there until Sunday but the tent flooded, spent 3hrs in the torrential rain trying to pack everything away. The absolute worst weather I've ever witnessed. Torrential rain from 1am Tuesday morning. The wind picked up to what I thought was an absolute gale at about 8am before the wind picked up even further at about 1pm. There I am in the tent trying to stop the back end from caving in only to be flooded out. The other campers obviously realised and never said anything to me so there I am the only tent in the water lol. No hotels available and was
  5. I'm in Aylesbury. All I can say is WOW. Wasn't even expecting that. What a show. The thunder was so loud, torrential rain!
  6. I wouldn't even take any notice whasoever of the lightning radar. The amount of flashes we've just had in Buckinghamshire is mental. Constant rolling thunder too. Amazing!
  7. So I'm in Aylesbury and to my south I can see the sky lightning up from those cells over Bournemouth. I find that absolutely insane ?
  8. Well last night was one insane storm. At first it was north of me over Milton Keynes Northampton way and looked as if it was heading north westerly and I thought damn it, I’ve missed the jackpot. An hour later and it was back building right over me. I couldn’t believe my luck! So amazing! I do have a few video clips but they’re too big in size. Does anyone know how to downgrade the quality? The length of them are only 5-7 seconds
  9. I’m waiting patiently for the heavier stuff to reach here but it never does. It just dies out at the coast and as it gets further in land. Can I just ask why is this?
  10. Looking at the radar again it looks as if the precipitation is strengthening on the eastern side? Is that going to swing round west though suddenly? Perhaps we may get lucky after all? It’s snowing quite nicely here blowing in a keen breeze!
  11. I’m in Buckinghamshire. Looking at the radar we’re not in the firing line for the precip heading out of France is that right? It ties in with what the Metoffice app says I guess!
  12. Hmmm. I'm thinking of heading down to Lulworth cove/Weymouth area tomorrow for a beach day and waiting around for the storms to arrive. Is that a good place to be?
  13. This Facebook post by a pretty reliable forecaster states that the storm risk Tuesday into Wednesday is from the SW up through Wales and then NW Scotland? Is that what's on everyone else's mind atm?
  14. Just had a flash of lightning. Lit the whole sky and a faint grumble of thunder
  15. You can't see much at all here, but you can see the intensity of this storm in France!
  16. Loud cracks of thunder and amazing flashes of lightning now! Woow!
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