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  1. Snowing here now - one last goodbye from the snow for now. Still tomorrow for sledging. I don't think winter is completely over even though hit will be warmer next week.
  2. Still -5 at 11am. That's pretty unusual! Proper ice day! I know some have missed out but this has been the best winter here for quite a while for snow. Snowed Christmas Eve and lasted ages and then approx. 17cm here and cold enough not to melt even in the sun. 3 more very cold days to follow before the thaw.
  3. Who would have guessed a few days ago that Weds would end up being the snowiest day!? Heavy show showers here in Hexham via Ashington. Probably 10-15cm lying snow and just below zero degrees. Probably another 2-3 cm in last 20 mins!
  4. Lot's of negative here and I know it's hit and miss but 5-6cm accumulated here and -2.4 degrees with more showers coming in so good for some (sorry for those that didn't get). I've worked out they have to cross the coast just north of Whitley Bay to hit us.
  5. A good covering now with decent snow showers from time to time. Hopefully the showers join together to give some decent amounts.
  6. Yes -1 degrees here and constant light snow - white but not amounting to anything. Interestingly blowing down the road like dust. Bed-time - see what tomorrow brings. There is a phrase "too cold for snow" which of course is rubbish...but in UK it can have an element of truth to it as our cold air is usually dry?
  7. Yes disappointing so far - was expecting proper snow last night and didn't happen here - maybe higher up in the pennines? Anyway some seem to think more showers soon - hope I'm not to far west.
  8. This evening a disappointment. snowed a little at 6pm then warmed up again. Snowing a bit now but nothing settling 0.6 degrees. I snow is difficult to forecast but was expecting a covering this evening. Let's see what tomorrow brings!
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