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  1. Yamkin this isn't very helpful at all, Yellowstone is not showing signs of activity anything above those observed over the last few decades. The earthquakes recorded are low magnitude ones and not in any way frequent. Yellowstone has always recorded such earthquakes from time to time, sometimes in a sort of 'flurry' of quakes all over the place, ground bulging and subsidence has also been observed regularly over the years none of which are a precursor to any sort of eruptive activity. I agree from the geological record Yellowstone os probably overdue on average assumptions, but the error mar
  2. Come on SS they were 'Bad Neutrinos' that caused all the trouble in the film 2012! Currently reviewing the Planetry Alignment Theory and Earth Crust Displacement Theory to see how they relate to the 'Reality Displacement Theory'. Moomin
  3. As a geologist I too am interested as to how this process works. Its a new one to me and as a scientist I like to keep an open mind but can't quite see the linkage. Straying into particle physics I thought protons were relatively large (for sub atomic particles) and were positively charged therefore would not be able to penetrate to the earth's crust as they'd hit something or stick to something. Neutrinos can and do go right through the planet as they are small and have no charge, they also do not interact with the material they pass through. M
  4. Its a while since I did volcanology at uni but I was always under the impression that the canaries were classic sea mounts and therefore are positioned on the oceanic crust. The magma is definately 'Basic' as evidenced by the Basaltic lava floes. Moomin
  5. Sorry I don't post very often but watch many discussion on the forum, however I feel I have to reply to this one to defend Karyo and most of the people writing and watching this thread. No body wants people to die but we are all fascinated by the humbling power of volcanic eruptions and the larger they are the more fascinating and frightening. I am a geologist and still interested to see larger eruptions. The more interest people show, the more people watch and analyse the data and discuss them (Scientist and non scientist alike) the more we are likely to understand these things and the clo
  6. It would be ionteresting to know if a faraday cage would be effective protection, if so all our cars should continue to work as the ECUs would be protected inside, if not I'll just have to drive the old Daimler which has carburettors - not really a hardship! Joking aside it would be intersting to know what we could sensibly use to proetct equipment and how much warning we would have. M
  7. Ah yes I'd forgotten the Jan and Feb 2007 events. The Jan event I drove from Oswestry to mansfield in and it didn't seem too bad to be honest, it was windy though. The Feb event I had borrowed a friends Landrover Defender after my Discovery destroyed its engine. Just before the heavy snow came we had a dusting, I was driving this defender down a country lane very slowly and as I turned out of a junction and down a slight hill I could feel the back end start to slide, despite the slow speed it did a full 360 spin, clipped the grass bank at the side and tottered on two wheels before landing b
  8. Its difficult to pin down specific events as there's been a fweover the years and the memory fades with time. HOwever, I do remeber the October 87 storms - we got the tail end in Manchester which wasn't too bad but it was still incredibly windy, my bus route home from school took an exposed bridge over the Mersey, I can remember the driver fighting with the thing to keep it going in the right direction - hairy stuff. Snow for me has to be the jan 87 event not because iot was the worst but because it was bad and I can remember it better than 8. I can clearly remember the day before when th ew
  9. We didn't really get that much snow in the oswestry area, not far into the Welsh mountains did though. HOwever, it was the temps that I'll remember for some time - seeing -12C on the car temp at daybreak was pretty impressive. We went away to Mull of Kintyre over New Year, there was no snow but the temperature did not get above freezing almost all the time we were there, the kids were skating on the streams that flowed over the beach and tha sand was as hard as concrete - I'd never experienced that before!
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