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  1. Hunners of snaw lying round a hot chemical plant in Grangemouth - remarkable. Drive back to Dunblane going to be interesting. Red warning well justified - M80 still stuck.
  2. Well that was an interesting drive, Dunblane to Grangemouth. Never had it so bad, not looking forward to the morning now!
  3. All terribly exciting but I'm sitting here a bit torn. Work at Grangemouth and my role is considered to be crucial for safe running of the plant. On nightshift tonight starting at 18.30 finishing at 06.30. Hmm what to do, work are considering sending out 4 by 4's to get us in but no good if the roads are jammed and I'd rather drive myself tbh, winter tyres etc.
  4. Even got drifts inside the garage! But picture won't load so here's a snow angel instead. That didn't load either, sledging did.
  5. This one has to be worth saving - 2 troughs embedded in flow, in a pool of sub 510 dam air - Snawtastic.
  6. Me next, blow it on down without sucking too much out of it......please.
  7. McFlurry to follow? And a Happy Meal for HC, he lost his other toys earlier.
  8. Just seen on FB that all Stirling schools closed tomorrow. Good sign/bad sign?
  9. Just checked the GEFS for Stirlingshire, T850 bottoms out tomorrow at -15ish then on a steady rise to -5 until T384. Remarkable.
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