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  1. Tumbling down is perhaps how I'd describe it here in the past half hour, current rate is 1.6 mm in 15 minutes. Just out of interest the official description of rainfall rates from UK Met is up to 0.5 mm per hour= slight below 3.9 mm=moderate above 3.9 mm=heavy my total today stands, at the moment, at 33.2 mm
  2. Oh to be honest my major query was the 'days and days, but never mind me, enjoy the fun of chasing something that, you know deep down, is pretty unlikely to occur for days and days for 10 days from now. Not even end Nov 2010 managed that in this part of the world.
  3. ref this comment Temperatures will struggle to get much above freezing for many, many days. Are you serious or having a laugh?
  4. I love that last shot BW, much more snow on most recent photos than 'my' area, never mind it will arrive-I hope!
  5. current total here is 15.4 mm with the last 15 m showing 0.6 mm, it has been up to 1.4 mm per 15 m earlier.
  6. Overcast, I assume, with moderate rain most of the time, started around 0400 after a brief burst around 0200, rainfall rate between 1.0 and 1.4 mm per 15 minutes, currently 9.2 mm since midnight, with a low of 5.8 C
  7. I enjoy your updates C but why do a full copy and paste of your last one. Link to it it if you feel it necessary but can you imagine if we all did this? Thanks
  8. Looking in the relatively near future, the usual 6-10 period with the 500 mb anomaly charts= Wed 6 November 2019 All 3 now show a similar chart that is ridging eastern atlantic with n of w flow into uk, fairly similar looking charts really and the 8-14 noaa is not all that different to the 6-10 noaa. So rather changeable, possibly the odd rapid deepening surface low approaching uk in the period, on the cold side of normal with prob snow higher hills Peak/Snowdonia north. Calmer spells, if o/n=frost over fairly wide areas? Contour height just s of uk=546 is fairly cold for this time of the year. I have no idea why the NOAA site link now shows as it does below! Climate Prediction Center - 6-10 Day 500mb Outlook WWW.CPC.NCEP.NOAA.GOV http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html
  9. The first general snow cover for the higher areas in the Jungfrau this morning after a slight cover 2 days ago. BERGFEX-Webcams Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald - Wengen - Webcam Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald - Wengen - Cams WWW.BERGFEX.COM Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald - Wengen : Bernese Oberland - Webcam - Livecam - - Switzerland - Ski area - - Weather camera - Cams - Webcams - Live pictures - Ski resort Also the work on the new twin gondola out of Grund (near Grindelwald) seems on time. The Mannlichen side is due to opne for this Christmas I believe. I'm not sure why the usual web cams for the Lauberhorn race site are not working fully at the moment. The latest info is only in German though. Building site news WWW.JUNGFRAU.CH
  10. Cloudless dry start with a low of 0.8 C, but looking out there seems no sign of ground frost, no ice on cars etc?
  11. Cloudy, dry just now but rain earlier with 1.2 mm since midnight, probably more before long? A low of 8.6 C
  12. Cloudy damp start with 0.2 mm showing since midnight and a low of 5.8 C
  13. Dry clear and cold here, fog east of here but not close by, a low of 1.9 C but no sign of any ground frost.
  14. 10 – Cantley weather report for October 2019 Below normal temperatures and well above average rainfall sums this month up. The third month this year with over 100 mm of rain. This is something not seen before in the 15 years of rainfall data. Nor do I recall the RAF Finningley 1942-1995 data showing anything like this. Mean=10.1(11.5) Max=13.6 (14.9) The warmest day gave 17.7 on the 5th and the coldest 6.7 on the 26 th Min=6.6 (8.1) The lowest overnight value=-1.3 on the 31 st to give the first air frost since 15 April and the warmest night was on the 11 th with 13.6 Rainfall=108.4 mm with 21 days showing 0.2 or more and 16 with 1.0 or more. The wettest 24 hour period (00-00) was 26 th with 25.0. No snow or fog but 3 ground frosts (5) and 1(1) air frost
  15. Cloudy, dry after very slight rain around 0500, 7.0 mmlast evening, the low was 8.8.c
  16. I'll have a look lad A quick look and in a word=yes For anyone interested then take a look at the jetstream at T+00 with the surface pattern on the same chart. Follow them to T+18 and note how the surface low has deepened, turn to the T+24 as the surface feature, having deepened at the left exit, then been steered to the left of its flow. As per basic meteorology is then away from the left exit of the jet and begins to fill. A very good example-thanks k.
  17. Cloudy with light rain, 3.2 mm since midnight, and a low of 6.7 C
  18. Yes thanks k I agree with that so saves me posting my anomaly charts. Actual surface as you suggest is going to be fairly tricky to forecast.
  19. Dry, clear and frosty with a low of -1.3 C, my first air frost since 15 April
  20. Yes very true. They have to used very carefully.
  21. A word of caution using anomaly charts. They do NOT necessarily show any wind direction.
  22. Dry with patchy CuSc mainly east of me, a low of 1.8 C but no sign of any ground frost
  23. Very rare beast and the idea of extremely cold upper air nullifying to some extent the sea temperature required is a new concept to me. This will very probably mean some changes to data input at the main forecast centres.
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