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  1. got some photos while on my ski holiday but suppose they don't really count.
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    railway workers refuge by mountain railway
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    Wengen 2005

    From the album: John Holmes photo album

    C:\Documents and Settings\Holmes\My Documents\My Pictures\32-Wengen 2005\IMGP2410.JPG
  4. Hi Tm tks for that, yep know the area, walked, biked in my younger days around there. It sure is pretty exposed. Talking of digging tunnels as a kid I do remember 1947. We had an outside loo, several mornings my father had to dig a way to it from our back door, only a matter of 2-3 yards along the same wall, and it was quite often way above my head. The house faced north with a sort of open box on 3 sides with houses, so with anything from the north or north east it just used to swirl around and plaster all the back of the house. A pity no one ever took photos in those days. cheers
  5. very impressive, or 'orrible, depending on one's love or hate of bitter cold and snow. Just where in the Peak District do you live? Your figures are nearly as bad as mine for Feb 1963 and that was an incredible winter. Well it was on low ground and even more so about 500 feet up at my parent's house. I shudder to think what your conditions would have been like in the winter of 62/3. Have you got any idea, from any other source perhaps? cheers
  6. Hi LL I've just been in the pub with a pal and been trying to explain just what it was like to experience Ms 15C, and also to have almost a whole WEEK with temps NEVER(excuse the capitals) even reaching zero deg C. We get really excited if it now stays below freezing for a couple of days, and if it snows as well --!! Like you LL I would not want 65 days of snow cover thank you very much. I will eventually put together something about 1947, I was but a little lad then honest! Again like you say LL it really is interesting to compare your figures with mine. Thanks a lot for your work too. cheers
  7. Hi Tm look forward to that and tks for the kind comment.
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