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  1. Snow consistently falls in Central Manchester. The streets are white!
  2. A bit off topic, but does anyone know if there is any snow left around or on Mam Tor?
  3. Snowing again in central Manchester! It's fascinating watching the showers driving over The Pennines towards the city.
  4. Thanks for the information! Looks like there is a lot more to come. I wonder what the final depths will be.
  5. Ah, cool. I've been to Wanlockhead a couple of times as a scenic stop off on my way to The Highlands. Us lot down in North West England are having to live vicariously at the moment - we've had nothing but sleet, rain, and hail from this current spell.
  6. Do any of you live in the Lowther Hills? I would love to know the snow depths there. The webcam in Leadhills looks like there is some really deep snow in that area.
  7. I think it's passed south of the city centre.
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