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  1. Anyone else livid that this cloud ia over us at the moment!? Saw this modelled by almost all high res models last night so no surprise. Makes me laugh, we are inland, and we must get the most spoiling cloud when the coasts are clear!!
  2. The negativity in this thread is more than justified. Im not sure many of us in here really get on board in the hunt for snow and cold for a week or two chase, only to be rewarded with a hard frost. Its like looking forward to going out to a nice restaurant and being served a ready meal with tinned food, despite the money you paid where you have invested in the experience; just like we invest our time looking for cold weather. The high amplitude phase 8 mjo is our last hope in all honesty. End of the month/early March most likely response... hopefully.
  3. As it stands so far this winter here in south Staffordshire i have not had lying snow. Thats not even an average winter. Tediously poor, outrageous considering the SSW and certain background signals. I also see the MJO index means absolutely nothing for our weather. I know there are no guarantees with good teleconnections but it is notable for the utter failure. What else is at play here folks? The colder weather shown in the latter stages of the GFS and somewhat the ECM is virtually standard output at around 300h plus range for this time of year. Soon it will be March and this output will turn into mild and dry continental influence. I sure hope that if the SSW does not yield cold, it then produces a summer like last years. More intense heat preferred, though. We have until mid march to see bitter cold, as per last year, if we are still here in late Feb and the blocked and cold outlook is showing at 300h plus - forget winter- look forward to continental influence in summer ie drier/warmer.
  4. Thank you for all the knowledgeable input to this thread on this event so far. More patience needed but when significant changes appear in the models it will be at day 5-6.
  5. If ever there was a model run that demonstrates to me that the SSW event is now beginning to show its influence on the trop modelling, its pertubation 20 on 12z GEFS. Shannon Entropy in full swing in that run. There are so many different patterns going through the motions its as if a child has used all the different colour crayons in a drawing and has drawn every random pattern imaginable! When models are all over the place like this then something major is afoot as per previous notable weather events.
  6. We should hope for a settled warm August with some more rainfall. It would be nice to have a decent August for once but doesnt need to be record breaking for lack of rainfall or heat. We may well come to miss the lovely weather we have had. I and probably others have a feeling that if this current pattern holds for many more months we will have to endure a severe winter (not sure what the projections are for Autumn/Winter yet). Thing is it has been the type of summer where a warm, settled but not especially hot airmass has resided over the UK at the time of maximum solar output and hence consistent mid to high 20s day after day. It doesnt technically have to be an extremely cold airmass to create a severe winter in the UK at the right time over late Novemeber to late January. So if we do experience patterns similar to this summer in the form of a continental influence, we could be in trouble with regard to very low temperatures this winter. Not good for farming with the extremes of seasons or the economical aspect for people everyday lives - food prices, energy bills, dangerous roads
  7. I dont know about anyone else but id have much preferred a longer period of deep cold convective weather on a brisk easterley than it to be all over by saturday with a blizzard. I think for this we would require at least a 300 mile shift of fridays low south. Disappointing we could have been seeing ice days from wednesday through sunday. And yes i wanted the best for this spell as it just does not come around often.
  8. I think after 4 or 5 days of deep cold and the channel low blizzard even the die hard fans will have had enough. Serious cold and snow showing from that sunday through to the friday. Will most likely look different by 1st weekend it March, we may be looking at a longer period of cold with retrogression.
  9. GFS 12z ensembles shows operational is one of the milder members for that warm sector for Thursdays band. Mean as 850s of -2/3c for the midlands. And saturdays band actually.
  10. I dont agree. After wednesday it may not continue but sunday to wednesday has trended colder. We will just have to see however upgrades *appear* to be the trend.
  11. The trend is towards colder though Chevron. We have gone from seemingly nothing to at least a 4 day cold spell over 36 hours of modelling.
  12. MattStoke I would not worry as Stoke is in a fantastic place here - bit of high ground in NW midlands. The reason for the potency is not just uppers it is the thicknesses, source of air and cold through the other layers to 500mb. Have you seen some of the dewpoints projected! *currently modelled* Circa -2c max in the day down to Wiltshire over about 4 or 5 days! 850s are slightly higher than the Dec snow showers spell but this time all others factors seem to favour snow to counter the perhaps not so spectacular 850s.
  13. So any modelled Pm blast shows -4 /5c 850s! No snow in that for the vast majority of the population. Waste of anticipation unless you are on a hill north of Manchester. Waste of time and certainly miserable days ahead. Watch the postive teleconnection musings become watered down as we close in on end of Jan. We really need to see a SSW so that we are not chasing the pot of gold until March.
  14. Re Mr Hammond and time: Are we talking about creating dinosaurs or the potential for a cold spell?
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