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  1. Towers going up now to my SSE can see from upstairs window. North Warkshire sort of area is where they are I guess.
  2. Can but cant believe it! - last place where fret is hanging on in England, drives me nuts! Only just brightening now!
  3. Its probably something that sticks in the memory more as i am exposed to that direction and when it occurs it is 'cutting' even in summer but less.so today. Always seems to gust up to 20mph too. A nice summers day for me does not include gusty winds!
  4. We had been storm starved compared to much of the country in much of the last decade though here in the west midlands. Think i had a 5 storms in 6 days in the recent spell of thundery weather in June this year. My wife was in labour and at the same time we had a spectacular light show on the 16th up at Burton on Trent.
  5. South staffs South staffs/north warwickshire border
  6. Yeah and i bet it wont be any earlier than that. Youre right about lack of high ground. Glad that the prevailing wind direction isnt north east as our summers would be awful. Then again the south west prevailing wind is what makes the UK normally cloudy and murky with a long atlantic ocean track anyway. If only it was predominantly southerly off the continent.
  7. This area is terrible for succombing to north sea cloud. Its ruined so many summers days and half days when meant to be in a particular hot spell. Everyone was raves about the good summer of 2013 but seem to remember many days in that summer failed to reach more than say just above average. The east wind also destroys the spring recovery from winter when it arrives. It damaged my wisteria in May just gone and still damaged now. The wind also always seem be strong when its exactly ENE and persists for far too long, days sometimes and far outstays its welcome. Drives me insane as the plants and bushes get blown about in the garden as its particularly exposed to that direction!
  8. What are CIDPs? I have the others in my garden here in midlands, trachys grow well her also.
  9. North sea cloud here too, nagging breeze. Was 14.5c at 5.30am here when i got up to make up a bottle, did not feel like dawn you would expect in a hot spell. Had to close all the windows!
  10. Bring on the humble pie if it leads to hot humid weather! BBC forecasts seem way too low for this location, Tamworth, no higher than 25c after Friday. Surely midlands looking at high 20s sat, mon- weds perhaps. Hopefully 6z GFS get its act together.
  11. Of garden path leading. Hoping UKMO is right as it would be very interesting. Is there not still too much of a cooling flow off the north sea which will scupper temps earlier next week for much of the midlands or is it better with regard to this mornings Euros?
  12. But it wins crucial games when it matters? Bit like Arsenal with the most FA cups over the last decade. Not amazing each season but step up when it matters.
  13. Compared to what was legendary output before. Although lots more cloud and showers showing sunday onwards, no?
  14. Not a good UKMO output this evening. Would be nice to be sunny but not likely away from SE. I had more respect for this model previously and shows it is far from its 'reputation'. GFS showing a better understanding of this scenario where small changes make a difference - after all it is royalty.
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