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  1. Nice storm with very strong winds just approaching Pitstone in Buckinghamshire.
  2. Yep north is the best place to be today I think, lets see how things pan out later in the afternoon.
  3. Some big towering clouds building over the Chilterns and also the opposite direction towards Milton Keynes.
  4. An excellent show tonight here in Pitstone Buckinghamshire had 2 storms in total, the 2nd was best, it went totally crazy with loads of lightning and rolling thunder, the 2nd storm intensified over the Aylesbury area. Amazing night, nice to finally get something here and for once I don't have to go chasing.
  5. Great display from my back garden now, not so far away, it's lighting up some fantastic cloudscapes
  6. Now having some big flashes to my south, still very windy here and the sky has clouded over, fingers crossed it moves across the Aylesbury/Tring Area
  7. Can see constant lightning to my south now, its lovely sat out in the garden with a refreshing breeze watching the light show, plus being in the country we have very little light pollution here.
  8. Yeah the sky is clear here, however can see plenty of flashes to the south of me, its really windy here too.
  9. I'm sat in Brighton having come from Buckinghamshire, I need coffee lol
  10. I think I'm going to head south near the coast and see what happens, hmmm I think Brighton with a view to moving north or east may be a good starting point, fingers crossed.
  11. I'm in Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire border debating where to hit the road too, last week was great in Camber but I wonder if I should stick around the Chilterns and see what happens. Any suggestions?
  12. Yeah, i would totally agree, seems not much will happen in the south Midlands tbh.
  13. Had a totally amazing night, I left home in Buckinghamshire and decided to head down to hastings and camber sands at around 8pm last night, I got there at 10.30pm and the storm was amazing, the lightning was out of this world and the wind was so strong, not to mention the hail. Certainly one of the best storms I've seen in a while. I love heading to the south coast and witnessing the French imports.
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