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  1. -7.2c here. That is the coldest I have ever recorded on my weather station.

  2. Now that is cold!! I only got back from there about 2 1/2 weeks ago. But it was a pleasant -7c then. http://t.co/HRe6sm3x

  3. In Ukraine again, sitting in a flat on my own with no power and listening to the stray dogs howling outside. Not a great first day :-(

  4. Ukraine trip #2 - 2 days to go!!!!

  5. Bedtime! Great day with the parents. Came home and was plunged into darkness for about 2 hours. My street was the last to get power back.

  6. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great day.

  7. Gas leak at work = afternoon off to go shopping. Excellent!!

  8. Just over two weeks till I fly off to Ukraine. Just have to learn the Russian for "can I marry your daughter"

  9. Why do people insist on trying to discuss their IT issues in the work toilets. Is nowhere sacred! #bogoff

  10. Cats now relegated to the kitchen at night. One of them likes peeing on the bed. Which is never good, but worse when I'm still lying in it!

  11. People opposite seem to have a retina burning spotlight on the side of their house and it shines straight in to my bedroom window. #cretins

  12. And then they told me I had 'Deformed' feet and that I may need to have them operated on. Brilliant! #freakofnature

  13. I have already phoned work 3 times today and I'm meant to be off sick resting my buggered leg. #workaholic

  14. Turns out when i sprained my ankle, I also fractured a bone in my leg (fibula) Didn't help that it took me a week to notice, now on crutches

  15. Need to see a doctor about my foot/leg. Over a week now and it's getting worse :-(

  16. It's sunny, and i'm in an office with no windows. Dammit!

  17. 1 of my cats was meowing outside, went to look out of window half asleep and cracked my head on the windowsill. OUCH!

  18. Home in time to catch some sun in the garden. Marvellous!

  19. it's sunny (yay) and I'm at work (boo!)

  20. I seem to have done something to my knee and it bloody hurts to walk. Dog won't be going far in the morning. #hopalong

    1. Jane Louise

      Jane Louise

      Me too :( I had a knee x ray on Monday. Waitig for results this week.Hope u feel better soon.

  21. I hate Tuesdays, but as today feels like a Monday i'll let it off.

  22. Dog escaped from his crate at 5am and obliterated my lounge, whilst also taking the opportunity to take the worlds largest crap on the floor

    1. in the vale

      in the vale

      Sounds so familiar....!

  23. Took the dog down to Cuckmere haven, nice long walk. Lots of people down there, dog enjoyed it. I'm broken!

  24. Created a micro sim out of a normal sized one and it works! Did destroy one in the process, but it's only a 3 sim, so no great loss

    1. Dorsetbred


      Now to perfect mass production and your in business

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