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  1. Fascinating watching that storm approach slowly , lightning getting brighter and brighter , was wondering how long it would take people to start running for their lives..not long .. lol
  2. I'm in the SVR zone for later on tonight , but i'm not holding my breath , been a total let down so far this year with only 2 rumbles of thunder heard all year. I do hope it happens obviously , its just a waiting game..
  3. Truly spectacular indeed that night .. i was quite scared and ive never been scared in a storm , but some of the CG's were wayyy too close for comfort , hard to believe that was 13 years ago we had our last decent storm here.. Don't think ill ever see another like it in my lifetime , i can only live in hope though..
  4. Really fancy our chances today , cells already firing up to my south and west , suns out here and the clouds are building.
  5. http://www.harbourhotel.co.uk/harbour-webcam Insane storm , jealous .. absolutely !!!!
  6. Just had a few rumbles of thunder here NUT , nothing significant and never seen any lightning , its moved off now to the NE.
  7. And right on cue , just seen the most amazing CG .. lasted about 4 seconds ... scary stuff.
  8. Some amount of lightning that storm is kicking out on the Holland Germany border , imagine being under that baby. Hope to see something here today to make up for the dissapointment yesterday , early signs are good.
  9. Most of central and Eastern Europe taking an absolute pounding again i see , i hate this country for storm " setups " , they come off every once in a while , whilst conditions over there are always perfect.
  10. The East Kilbride storm forcefield is in full effect today... Could hear thunder to the cell just to the south , but it drifted off...typical.
  11. Am i right in thinking these storms today could manifest out of nothing really , that one currently moving up towards Port Glasgow , sprung from nowhere.
  12. After yesterday mornings bit of a dissapointment , glad to see metoffice have warnings out for today and tomorrow. Hopefully catch something better.
  13. Look at the latest radar and the blob of white forming just after it leaves Glasgow .. typical ... Wife just texted from Auchterarder , very loud thunder and lightning... she got ours
  14. Seems to have side-swiped us here in EK , half an hours worth of low rumblings some rain and a few flashes of lightning. Seems to have died a death now and moved up towards the Glasgow area , cant even hear thunder anymore. Wonder if there is more to come later.
  15. Another one to add to the live webcams. http://www.aminta.com/en/live_sorrento_webcam.php From Sorrento in Italy..seems a very thundery region seen some great night time lightning displays from it.
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