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  1. Great pics, def supercell in my opinion. Has it all, radar sig, right mover and your pictures only add to it. Well played! Pic below is the storm in its infancy.
  2. Great shot there. Watched that cell grow to the east of my location, ten miles or so away and then move north. Could become severe/sup. Edit: Just looked at that again, overshooting top??? What do people think, developing supercell?? It looks nice on radar.
  3. Impressive cell, very discrete, visible to the east over Amesbury. Had gone up quite rapidly.
  4. Really need this system coming up through the west to organise itself a bit more, this cluster is only producing occasional high based thunder.
  5. Just had the closest lightning bolt I have experienced! I thought it had calmed down a bit then out of nowhere an extemely close strike. Just saw the flash and instant boom.
  6. It was a very busy night here. Have had about 4 and a half hours of thunderstorms since midnight. Not had much sleep! Storm ongoing now. Been rumbling away for an hour and ten minutes. Quite high based thunder, occasional lightning. Didn't match the previous night for intensity but still impressive.
  7. One to watch in SE, one of the cells is quite discrete, may or may not take on more severe characteristics. It coud just merge in to the line though.
  8. We have done well out of this, 2 hours now! Had a very close one here that cut the power for a while.
  9. Best of luck to everyone after a storm. I hope tonight delivers for the many rather than the few. After what we had here last night, I am counting myself lucky but would of course love a second helping. A few video grabs from last nights action. A truly fantastic storm and the best in many years. For close lightning, possibly the best in memory.
  10. Must have caught over 200 strikes on camera so far and that wouldnt be half, lightning every 2-10 seconds here for last 30 minutes.
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