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  1. Indeed, I am currently in Lanzarote and it's very unsettled and cool.
  2. Think I saw a few snowflakes in the lamp post. Either that or I need to clean my windows!!
  3. I'll be off to sleep then!! Night all good luck for all pulling an all nighter. Think the ship has sailed (again!!)
  4. I'm in peterborough too TEITS and its like the preciptation is stuck to the south of us and not coming any further! Going to give up waiting soon...
  5. Looks like the peterborough snow shield is up and running!!! (Sorry haven't updates my location for a while!)
  6. Sleety/wet snow where I am in Peterborough at the moment. Is there more to come tonight? Can't stop looking out of the window. Hoping for a miracle after missing out on last nights action by about 10 miles
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