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  1. lamp post watching..can't think of a better way to spend tonight !

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      Doh a dumb swear filter got the better of me?



      Doh a dumb swear filter got the better of me

  2. I'm not getting excited, although it'd be nice to see a few flakes.
  3. My garden finally seems to have less standing water for the first time in weeks! Had a walk past the river Don today, it's difficult to imagine there are rivers bursting banks allover the country. It didn't look much different to summer months level wise, infact I've seen it much higher.
  4. To be fair to the council they did a good job of clearing them out after the last floods, just hope they continue to cope well.
  5. Been out and about this morning, seems to be lot's of surface flooding appearing this end of Sheffield. Any dips in the road are just turning into huge pond like puddles.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that paul, allways horrid breaking the news to kids..our cat of 17years died in Oct.. kids were heart broken (as was I) give her lots of hugs
  7. I saw that, wondering what implications it has on our current conditions? Does it mean our stormy period will intensify.
  8. Wow..wasn't expecting it to get so gusty! My cheeky little kittens woke us up at about 5:30. Any changes in air pressure seem to send them crazy..doing the wall of death round the house, who needs a barometer when you have cat's! The ground is saturated in my garden, rains not soaking simply running off to the lowest point and creating a new water feature.
  9. I was quite concerned for the chimney stack I share with next door, infact the entire side of her roof is in a bad state. Luckily it stayed put. I went out about 7:30pm and stood in the wind..incredible feeling. When we have the roof done later in the year I'm getting the anemometer put up there, it didn't register anything over 30mph.
  10. aside from a few missing fence panels eveything seems o.k.. survived the megastorm!

  11. Next doors dodgy fence panels have blown away and my rain gauge has gone for a little trip. Hope it still works! Other than that everything seems o.k. can't see roof yet to check tiles.. I really enjoyed yesterday's storm..weather on sky news all day..it was bliss. Obviously those who sustained damage won't feelthe same
  12. No damage here as far as I can tell.. normal gusty night now
  13. Starting to gust nicely up here. Windows making odd noises..trees bending double. Given up on the blue bin..lights starting to flicker..glad I got the torch out
  14. Had a quite squally burst at around 2:30 then blue skies and relatively calm winds, just starting to go dark and blustery again.. like the seas parted for the school run I forsee a fun and noisey night! Stay safe everyone..
  15. Well the wheelie bins are making a run for it, let's see what the next few hours brings
  16. Starting to get a bit gusty now, nothing out of the ordinary just yet, but a definate increase
  17. I've had sky news on this morning, between that and browsing various websites I'm starting to become slightly concerned. We are very exposed up here... Whilst the weather enthusiast in me feels quite excited the homeowner in me is hoping for no serious damage.
  18. I've got out a few torches with fresh batteries and a stack of candles..just in case.
  19. wow! That's a scary prospect. The damage that could cause doesn't bare thinking about.. hope everyone over there stays safe.
  20. Thanks Paul, it's the down side of living so high up. Brilliant for snow but the wind barrels across the top of the valleys and regularly causes slight damage. The last storm of 60 mph+ saw most of the ridge tiles lost on houses up here. Guess it's a case of hope for the best.
  21. Woken up to a mega light dusting of snow. Bit depressing realy lol. Noticed met o have now included south yorks in the amber warning, should be an interesting evening for us..my elderly neighbour has a very neglected chimney stack and roof, with the met sugesting 70 mph gusts I'll be suprised if we get away with no damage up here.
  22. It's mainly all melted here, still a little left over redmires way. Well I suppose theres tomorrow to get through next. Expecting a gusty night up here.
  23. Woo hoo! It turned to snow at about 9:00am temp 1ºc currently Just starting to settle. .best make the most of it, met office seem to think temp will rise later..hope it doesn't
  24. Absolutely hammering down with rain here, looks like there may be a few sleety bits..but on the whole very wet!
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