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  1. Im in awe at some of the reactions in here during the 12z's; - We now have the potential for wednesdays snow into the 72hrs mark, something we've struggled to do the past two winters - Both the GFS and UKMO agree on deep roughing setting up just to our east, bringing with it low thickness and sub -0 uppers Often in these set ups particular snow events won't be picked up until 48-72hrs in advance, so those throwing toys out the pram because the snow is missing them by 50 miles at T156 hours is silly, sit back, relax and remember the trend is our friend, and thats a trend that today is still growing stronger for snow potential across vast swathes of the UK. I for one am looking forward to this spell of weather whatever it brings in rainy old Cardiff, onwards to the GEFS and the ECM...
  2. Just to add my 2 pence to Catcol above: Take a look at the GEFS 18z panel - this saga is far from resolved yet. For example, choosing a random point at 168 hours away i count exactly 10 ensembles leaving us in an easterly flow with developed heights to the NW or disrupting troughs over us and down into Europe Similarly the control run introduces a similar theme right up to 192 hrs (Haven't bothered looking past that - i see very little point) The spreads at 192 also back this up; Huge spread over Scandinavia. Im far from saying this is going to go in a guaranteed direction, but its not over until the fat lady sings..
  3. Once again small steps from the 12z GFS building a stronger ridge ahead of the low exiting the eastern seaboard around 120 hours, moving to a more amplified solution. 6z 12z A better link up of the American HP to the amplified azores HP. Edit: Pictures won't post!
  4. Best me too it above, I've also got daffs coming up, first noticed these on the 23rd, they are now a good 4" out of the grass.