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  1. I'm in work in pencoed been pouring with rain all night and this am, dry now. Apparently it's ok as far as Ogmore vale but quite bad in Nantymoel. Very bad up can by bwlch nothing moving vehicle wise. I'm to leave work at 1. Any ideas if this is going to start again? Turn to rain, back to show? I just need to leave work ha ha but don't fancy being stuck in car either.
  2. The snow in Italy has been terrible,just watching the news, avalanche hit a hotel possibly 30 people missing. I don't want anything like that. We have had snow up here twice being on mountain but low areas had nothing. like that most years. I think last time low areas had snow was 4 yes yesterday.and cannot recall snow lying for yrs and yrs in low lying areas around here. This island doesn't seem to get cold snowy winters any longer, or they very few and far between. That's how when we do get cold spells we cannot cope,and to be honest thats why I don't want a event like we had in 70,s an
  3. I would imagine mainroutes ok,this morning at 5am the roads were sheet ice.but ok now. Not sure upto Brecon maybe someone closer can comment.
  4. I disagree to be honest,where I live gets snow but only a 2 mins drive down they get sleet rain. Other than when the cold is in for a good few days then it clashes with weather coming across from Ireland does low areas get what I call snow.yes they may get flakes but that's not what they want. Last night for instance down Bridgend very wet snow/ sleet no sticking at all. Drove up the valleys and everywhere was ok until Nantymoel.even then. Only a little come up big hill and had to park car up as snow and ice. Majority of south Wales doesn't do well in this set up for lying snow. Our big s
  5. Just came back from rug y with my son and had a shock. Snow and sleet Bridgend.daughter rang to say it's snowing bad. Got to Nantymoel no problem main roads fine turned I to the cwm and that was that. Abandoned car as would not go any further. Snow and sheet ice. Worse than last night. Not looking forward to trying to move car at 5.30 am.
  6. Looks like the easterly may be off the cards now from latest models, noticed lots moaning on other forums,some saying if it does what it says then winters over ha ha. In my eyes winter here is normally Jan and first week of Feb. Can go outside this time scale mind. But they not liking the future weather right now. Wind and rain from West. With some frost and fog.
  7. I just been out and all the snow has frozen solid,started car half hour ago to help clear it as its solid out there.can imagine the roads being solid as well.be careful where snow has fallen all.
  8. Didn't expect it to snow as much this early, everything is white now but just stopped.
  9. Snowing quite a bit up bwlch now. Outside my house roads are covered and cars but I am high up, I like snow but not tonight as I have very early start in morning and don't fancy getting out of here in covered roads now I don't have my 4x4.
  10. Rain turning to sleet up here at this height and the very top of bwlch mountain slightly white but very slight. If it gets heavier I would think it be white pretty quick.
  11. BBC just showed mostly rain today but possibly snow over night. And the snow outside now is rain ha ha
  12. Don't know why but I think this cold air will kick in further than we think. I just been out and its very cold. I still think only high ground will see snow. We in Wales do not normally see much snow let's be honest. But maybe this yr be Different.
  13. Myself think it be down to height again,low lying areas rain/sleet high up snow. Like normal.
  14. Happy new year to all. I see the one and only paper has hit with a ice storm headline. Blizzards _15 etc etc. Maybe this yr they will get it right. I myself think we could get very cold before long.
  15. radio said the rain will turn to snow as the night goes by and said it will be high ground only. that was about 2 hrs ago
  16. yes your up in the gods as well so could have snow height could be the key again.
  17. not sure if last night was worse or not? sounded worse but that is probs because through the night but one thing for sure it has been a terrible night. and its still windy.
  18. well its snowing here and the bwlch is well covered just drove up there and its really coming down on the very top, snowing up here with me but sleet down in Nantymoel, its all going to turn to rain in a bit so no point ha ha.
  19. well its time these atlantic lows went south away from us ha ha had enough of them now bring on summer sorry bring on a nice summer lol
  20. winds have picked up here again now seem to be getting worse every 15 mins, what time are the winds going to leave? well at least calm right down. I read about 9 tonight is that correct guys. 110 mph in Ireland that's just mad speed.
  21. well I know the winds are supposed to be strongest in west and north but on this mountain these are the strongest so far this winter in my area, chairs and boxes lifting out the garden with some gusts. not nice at all and I feel for anyone who is getting far worse I hate the blooming wind.
  22. well that wind has picked up loads the last half hr and very strong, I hope it don't get any worse and hope that other areas don't get what is predicted for them.
  23. Hi all when is the rain and winds due to hit south Wales as my daughter needs to drive later and im worried as just read some said possible 100 mph winds. is this this afternoon? as she needs to drive for about 1 hr from 12 today until 1 thanks
  24. yes I think your right I heard on radio in work this morn that s wales will get heavy rain and gales tonight about 60 mph or more and then tomorrow morn they said the winds will get even stronger 80 to 90 mph that's dangerous wind speed.
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