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  1. Had heavy snow in Wycombe which gave a good covering, then it was light for a bit, now very heavy with big flakes 20210124_101606.mp4
  2. We have about a centimetre in High Wycombe 😁 However as you can see from the video it's already turning back to rain with the odd flake in it 😥 I woke the kids up to see it before it vanishes. 20210116_061647.mp4
  3. We did well in High Wycombe. Snow days all round! Sorry to those who didn’t see much this time.
  4. We had heavy rain/sleet to start with, then turned to snow - lovely big flakes - but not for long. Great to see it falling though ?
  5. If the so called Thames streamer actually followed the Thames, South Bucks would be in with a shot! Any chance the winds could turn more east than northeast?
  6. Just keep missing out on the Amber warnings with these beasts. Very depressing
  7. Snowing in High Wycombe for the last 15 mins. Small flakes but quite a lot of them on and off. Not settling yet - trying to on cars, melting on impact on roads etc. Need it to get a bit heavier but forecast light snow all day.
  8. Me too! A mile away from Amber! I thought it would be near enough but the heavier stuff seems to fizzle out as it gets here. Must be the hills or something...
  9. Nothing much in South Bucks either - we had about a centimetre which disappeared in the sun. Ah well! Maybe tomorrow!
  10. I remember it - there was thundersnow and I was driving home with my 4 month old baby! Almost had to abandon the car on one of the Wycombe hills and struggle home with her in the pushchair - very scary... I don't remember the set up though, sorry!
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