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  1. Just had hail storm, everything went white, not seen anything like it for many years. (north of Worcester)
  2. yes has been fun, but today has a feel of new years day, the partys over and we wait for mother nature to clear up this mess.
  3. just noticed temp gone from -0.1 to +0.2 in half a hour, north of worcs
  4. just said to the wife ' think we are going to need a bigger boiler' mixed emotions for me though, love the cold but the daughter starts a job Monday next which she will have to drive a round trip of 100 miles a day down country roads, she has never realy driven in proper snow (if it comes), lots of dad worry coming up maybe.
  5. we lost the last of the snow/ice on Thursday, the paths were ice sheets for many days, saw many a person take a dive.
  6. could be wrong but think i had 24 hours of snowfall here north of worcester, long long time since that happened. got around a foot of snow, currently -0.9deg
  7. moderate snow here 9 miles north of worcester, was nice until i got my car stuck on a hill. Stil,l been out, got some pics and had a bit of a sledge but hands got to cold so back in the warm now.
  8. just noticed the temprature has gone from 0.9 to 0.1 in the last hour (9 miles north worcester) strange day, fine to drive one minute then whiteout, then thaw again. thinking the rush hour may be fun.
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