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    luton bedforshire
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    football especially LUTON TOWN FC!! music cars love my motor bikes and my scooby lol oh and weather..... :)
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    SnOw and SuMmEr!!! :D

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  1. WhErEs ThE sNoW aT!!!!! :D

  2. this is my old account why cant i get back into it!!!!! had to open a whole new one anyone i was friends with pls add new one thanks :D

  3. same as all the snow here in cambridge just few patches of ice to show for it :()

  4. Hi huni yeah heres to lots of the white stuff fingers crossed!! tonight should b good for us :D

  5. Thanx for the add hunni. Fingers crossed we get a good amount of snow here in Luton :)

  6. i really hope so lol fingers crossed! long time no speak how have u been :D

  7. This year it`s gonna be a white out! With some luck!

  8. what sort o weather dya like best angel23? like the music n cars as well!

  9. hey u long time no speak... yea im still here with the hope of snow or should i say i had the hope lol how u doing these days?

  10. I keep thinking its a tuesday.....

  11. still checkin up i see !! lol, hows u ??

  12. everything crossed for snow tonight!!!!

  13. Fair comment :-), i tried put a pic up on my profile but it says the photo is to large, sorry.

  14. lol thanks :o)why dont u have a pic lol

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