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  1. -15.2°C last night which is the coldest since 2010. -12°C currently.
  2. There are some really mad temps around at the moment, quite a few private weather stations recording below -20°C.
  3. My back garden when I do the first weeding in early spring I believe.
  4. Is it maybe from the network of private unofficial Highland Weather stations? There are quite a few of those in places not covered by the Met Office and some of them double up in spots covered by them like Kinbrace.
  5. Ah, the radar lies! Even worse then as that means it's not even nearby! 😂
  6. Still nothing in Inverness, need just a slightly more northerly component to the wind. The snow is literally just over the bridge over the Black Isle ☹️
  7. We are so frustratingly close to a streamer of heavy snow, just need the flow to move slightly more NE to SW. Don't think it's going to happen though Someone tell me I'm wrong please 😜😔
  8. Yeh "heavy snow" here too, the curse of the SErly. We'll see sweet F A unless there's a kink in the isobars.
  9. Out of the blue Moray Firth streamer happening here, snowing heavily here with a good covering!
  10. It's snow at sea level in Inverness, webcam here: Webcam - Highland House of Fraser WWW.HIGHLANDHOUSEOFFRASER.COM Really beginning to pile up here.
  11. They'll have to dig the fabled orange ball out in a second, a rare beast these days.
  12. The dividing line between cold and milder air could well be to the north of Glasgow in such a set up. It can also move south and north pretty readily so there's not too much point in getting too invested at this stage.
  13. Aye I'm in Inverness city centre at sea level at the moment and it's been snow the whole time since it turned a few hours ago.
  14. It's actually turning into a fairly heavy fall now. Big flakes.
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