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    N.Bedfordshire, E.Northamptonshire
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    Computers, Reading, Art, Weather, the usual stuff. studied in Agriculture and Environmental studies as well as the sciences and related subjects, went to further ed in I.T. and later had a stint in Agri-Science, now in I.T. full time. My spare time and weekends are more countryside/village spent than town as I like nature and the beauty it can and often does produce.
    Oh and used to be a "bedroom coder" and out there somewhere are possibly the only original code/copies of three computer games I wrote in machine code on the 6502/10 and M68000 processors (C64/Amiga) along with a custom database for a video shop and even a demo for Dixons on the Amiga.
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    Cool not cold, warm not hot. No strong Wind.

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  1. Missing my pet buddies that have left over the last few years, they may be hamsters, cockatiels, cats, dogs, horses, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, ferrets, rabbits and even fish, but they were there all the same, a memory of time spent happy in the past and nevet to be forgotten but remembered in good and joy.

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    2. Dami


      I have lost hamsters, birds, fish and two cats. Hoping to get lil one a hamster soon and at some point another cat.

    3. lassie23


      Lost a cat, budgie! When I was young my parents gave my rabbits away and the new owners cooked them! Not Joking!

    4. Jax


      thanks all, bish you reminded me of the budgies, finches and canaries I had, the latter sang like little angels.

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