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  1. Nice clear and sunny start to the day - cloud started to appear at around 10:30 and cloud cover increased to 100% around 12:00 and now raining heavy-ish but not too bad.... Temp around 16c from a high of 18.5c at 11:00..... But I notice fun and games in the Midlands at the moment....
  2. There I was watching the football and flash bang wallop - thought Grangemouth had gone bang ! Quiet again now but it will take a while for the hail to melt.
  3. Aren't the Express newspaper group really top notch journo's Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November BRITAIN is braced for the "worst winter in decades" with the first major snowfall expected in weeks. By: Nathan RaoPublished: Sat, October 12, 2013and 12 months ago....... Coldest winter in 100 years on way BRITAIN will grind to a halt within weeks as the most savage freeze for a century begins. By: Nathan RaoPublished: Tue, November 27, 2012They're all muppets and they go way back.... Britons facing colder winter There will be a return to colder weather this
  4. It has been announced Bill Frindall has passed away - TMS will be without "The Bearded Wonder"...... RIP Bearders
  5. heeeeeeeeeeello

  6. Hello Ellie from Norn Ireland and hello Styx -who I d would guess is best not crossed! http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif
  7. Hiya..I have limped to here now.... still have not got the hang of this site.... but will keep trying..also can't see any new faces....

    withdrawal has set in already. lol

  8. Have you done the reply to the email bit and set up your profile with the basic info only I can't seem to send you a PM

  9. Ellie - at the moment I just use the lounge - it's like the Cafe only with sofas - I have put a couple of things into the weather sections (you only increase your post count for posting in the weather bits). I kinda just had a look around - I said hello in the introductions and they seem fairly friendly but I haven't really looked at the weather forecasting bits.

  10. Do you think they'd come?, this place is soo confusing have not figured out yet how to do anything

  11. Well go on go on go on - should we tell the others to come on in?

  12. Hi Ian of the meaningful blue eyes..yea its me.

  13. Hello, New to this site - might take a while to get to know all the "characters" - not a weather expert so don't expect searing insight on what is going to happen next week but I enjoy cafe style banter
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