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  1. So i finally made it to Upstate NY USA!!!!!!!!! its 100% sunshine and 28C out. Im lovin it!! I actually have hummingbirds in my garden!

    1. A.J


      hello stranger!...thought you's disappeared to mars or sumfink!...lol

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      OMG I know right!?! No, just skipped outta Notts this past winter. I was sick n tired of hearin m'self whinge over lack o'snow and storms lol!!!

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I wish I could follow you! getting a bit annoyed at the lack of warmth atm (and thunderstorms, snow, etc, etc, in our supposedly so varied and interesting climate)

  2. Galaxy Wave GT-S8500, stopped working after 1 year. Keeps re-booting, touch screen wont work, and turns off after 30 seconds of freezing..... FAIL!

  3. Moved to Arnold Nottingham now, about 4 miles north of the old house. Lets hope I actually get some snow this year worth mentioning!

  4. -2 lift and over 600CAPE for Notts, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope the 06z bumps my storm potential bak up 2day!!! I had 3 storm symbols in GFS yestday w/loads o'CAPE, now its just a few showers +angry scowl+ Cant complain about the lovely warmth though!!! I wish it 2b like this for rest of month!

  6. Hellloooooooo gray skies again!!!!! +siiigh+ I thought it was suppossed to get dead warm out? Im looking forward to winter now, hope we get loads of snow this time in Nottingham City :)

  7. Just posted off my "Petition for Alien Relative" forms for my hubby to get a USA green card. I blame me mwanting to move back to the US on the weather. After spending 2weeks over there in 85F heat and sunny skies, who can blame me. Lookin forward to hot summers and snowy winters again. 8 months and counting :)

  8. Im back from USA & had 2 thunderstorms on the morning of my wedding (WOO-HOO!!!) & then sun came out in afternoon for pictures. Awesome sunshine; 85F weather; I actually forgot my bloody coat at my mums house back in NY, becuz I never wore it ONCE while visiting, & forgot 2 bring it home to Blighty!! DOHH!! +shivers+

  9. WOO-HOO! 2 more days of summer!

  10. Hope everyone enjoys the next 72 hours of lovely spring warmth...(finally no fleece!).now just waiting for summer to kick in!!!

    1. Backtrack


      It's officially summer

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      Yes, I mean I am waiting for the weather to realise that. lol! I need the temp to get to 26C to classify it as a summer day in the Crimson Weather Guide :D

    3. Backtrack


      Haha, where can I purchase this guide? :p

  11. my mum is so lucky- she has a whopper of a storm heading towards her town in the next hour, and then has a gorgeous day of 30C. only 23 more days till I fly over to visit :)

  12. so when is our 1976 style summer going to start, because I am still lighting coal fires at night and wearing thermals and fleeces outside. :(

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    2. Crimson_Sprite


      I am not EXPECTING a 1976 summer, and in Nottingham, it is not the warmest spring on record, the driest maybe, not the warmest. Im just saying that as June approches, in NOTTS, its only in the mid-teens out (except June 2nd) and for MAY, that is rather chilly!

    3. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      geez its no where near that cold to be having fires , and wearing fleeces outside here. lol

      However next week looks very possibly for some very pleasant weather to arrive. Low to mid 20's possible mid week onwards. :D

    4. Crimson_Sprite


      LOL! My house is like a cave, good ol' fashion Victorian terrace :) Yeah, I dont expect the UK to be like 30C out, but I really was expecting the high teens low 20s by now, nevermind, i will be happy to lap up some warm weather next week!:D Just dont want that biting NE wind! I blame the breeze really for the past 2 weeks of weather. :D

  13. OH....MY....GAWWD... they have just stopped airing THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON JUSTIN.TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what am I going to do????? I NEED WEATHER!!!! Im going thru withdraw!!! ..need-weather...*twitch*...going...insane..need...*twitch* weather channel...*twitch-twitch*..

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    2. Crimson_Sprite


      haha, Im over-exaggerating OBVIOUSLY. I used to watch that channel back at home as a kid; and just found it over here a few weeks ago online & have it on background while I work. Brings back lots of memories :)

    3. Mesoscale
    4. Crimson_Sprite


      :D Thanks mesoscale!!! Until I can brew my own storms here, my workshop shall be alive w/the sounds of USA storms instead. God Bless the Weather Channel.
  14. LOL, the weather symbol for the current weather 4nottingham is a lightning bolt and its sunny out!!! +rotfl+

    1. Eugene


      Yes dry here too, not as lucky as you with the sun though

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      yeah today is quite nice actually! Its a bit more humid which is nice and the wind isnt so cold. :) Its white hazy sky, so no blue sky, but pretty sunny!! And deffo not a storm in sight. My lightning symbol still says is storming out here haha

  15. The Original Mexican Bob....

  16. THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG EFFING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. off to get tattoo'd today, praying for thunderstorms :)

  18. LOL!!! says I will have -3 lift and over 1000CAPE by 7pm +ROFL+

    1. A.J


      you probably will have, but it needs more than that to trigger storms...moisture, for one!

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      aye, true... what a waste of CAPE and negative lift!!!! My mum back in NY said she had an immense storm on Wed nite :( Saying that, there is small cumulus clouds in the sky now...hmmmm

  19. I WANT STORMS NOW DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dogs32


      to arrive in June

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LOL!!!! nownownownownownownownownownow!! Actually the sun is really nice today, so I'll let the storms off for today.

  20. I hate the south- they always get everything, blizzards; 27C in April; What about me?? why can't I get any extreme weather. No its just poopy 20C out, and a whopping 5" of snow for the entire winter *PHOOEY!*

  21. been watching The Weather Channel on justin.tv and is making me totally psyched at the prospect of moving back home in 3-5 yrs. ..dreamy sigh..

  22. WOW- y'know it looks rather convectivey outside. My mum back in New York State said its -5F (-20C) outside at hers...(homer).....mmmmmmm -5F.... *drools*

    1. Crimson_Sprite


      actually, saying that, I would take a convective thunder shower!!!!!!!!!!!! wind????? ANYTHING?????

    2. butler_son


      ...and someone I know from NY State went and had a holiday in Palm Beach where it was 85F. I think I know what I'd prefer. =P

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Still waiting for my first cumulonimbus sighting since 8th January!

  23. I am LOVING this wind!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I think it's just good to have some noteworthy weather for a change- I was up on the top of the nearest hill facing the wind recently.

    2. Crimson_Sprite


      I actually just got back from the post office and realised the true meaning of Potent Gust's profile name LOL! Almost knocked me down where I walked! Great to have some weather! *blows kisses to Atlantic*

  24. Looking forward to having some WEATHER. I hope it gets super insane windy tonight!! I dreamt I moved to Kansas last night and the locals were telling me all about the tornado sirens and how many tornadoes there are every year.

  25. OK, thats it- Im ready for spring now. Winter is a total right off, there's no more snow potential in the 4seeable future, id rather have blow torch Atlantic at this rate to get SOME type of weather, not boring high pressure *rolls eyes*. STORMS ANYONE??

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