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  1. in my part of the world, there are the Northern Hills to our North, there are the pennines to the east, and peak district too, which stop pretty much everything dead reaching here. Then we have the Welsh mountains which also do a job in stop any snow from reaching here. This next winter coming, will also happen to coincide with the lowest solar minimum in over a century, the lowest number of sunspots ever recorded since 1755. how that will play out in the upcoming winter 2017/18 is anyone's guess but it could be a good one, although i would have thought this year would have been good to
  2. what we had was a polar low that ended up in the Irish sea which then fed us copious amounts of snow. That winter was cold anyway, from the frequent Northerly outbreaks.
  3. it most certainly does which i find very strange given your very close proximity to the coast and the warmth from the irish sea. 2.7C rising slowly dp -0.6C rising. Precip: Dry Cloudy 8/8 Oktas Wind: 0mph Gusts 5 min avg 1mph Humidity 81% Baro : 1025.3mb falling slowly
  4. It's been like this since at least 02:00 this morning, and nothing here. got to be a cosmic joke
  5. You are much further inland than I am. I am close to Widnes / Runcorn which puts me on the Estuary and really not that far from the bay of Liverpool. I was doing some temperature comparisons between here and Crosby, and was shocked to discover that over the last 4 years, on average Crosby near the coast has actually been colder during the second part of winter. I have no valid explanation of why that is. Even Liverpool airport was going to for a rain / snow / sleet mix. In actual fact it's never done any of these things really, unless you count a few blowing snowflakes that tapered off very
  6. you dont get snow from an easerly unless your east of the pennines or on a tract that doesn't have the pennines in the way unless your very fortunate. Unfortunately for those within 20km or so of Liverpool bay are pretty much stuck because of the higher terrain all around it. The pennines, welsh mountains, even the higher terrain directly to the North stop the snow. The best locations for snow, can be either a NW prefabably because there is nothing to stop the snow getting through, and the irish sea creates a streamer...or exceptionally cold air from the east bumping into milder moist air f
  7. The snow has only just reached us on this radar, but there is not a flake to be seen, not that won't be, but you have to wonder why there is nothing but according to the radar it should be snowing. If this was rain on the radar, it would be pouring it down. I wonder how much moisture is in these clouds, just went outside the backdoor, it definitely feels a lot colder than it did a few hours ago, looking at the radar, its a perfect set up for hours and hours of snow, instead it just seems to be passing by overhead. Not even wet outside. I wonder whats up with the sleet off the no
  8. Temp 1.8C slowly rising DP -1.3C and rising Wind 7 knots overnight 9 knots, obviously prevented any kind of frost. Cloudy 8/8 Liverpool airport have been going for rain initially followed by snow showers since midnight, before becoming partly cloudy from mid day onward. Currently have lower than -10 C upper air, with little to no moisture. In fact what we really need is something hitting us from the Northwest, rather than an easterly which just usually brings nothing but cold dry air to this area. It's a real pity that the direction of the light snow is from the East and
  9. we have more chance of white easter than we do of a white christmas. The last 4 winters here in imby have been abysmal. Even the cold is more or less Mild given the temperatures it should be and compared to everywhere else. The significant lack of snow, despite this year going down across the Nordics and Europe in general as one of the snowiest...and we can't even muster a stinking flake of the stuff for the kids. Later this year we are moving to Finland, where snow is guaranteed away from the South coast, where cold actually gets cold, and the kids can play out in the stuff as lon
  10. Forecast for Hale, Cheshire, Not Manchester. Occasional snow showers after midnight effecting Hale and the West Cheshire area. Accumulation is likely to be very small, maybe 1 or 2cm at the very most by dawn. The interesting thing about this snow, is that it's managing just to get passed the pennines, probably because there is a lot of snow packed behind it, with a moderate easterly wind pushing it on, so while it would normally dissipate over the pennines, it's being constantly refuelled. I'd have no problem removing the pennines
  11. Liverpool airport eventually going for snow. Cold air as failed to reach here yet, but it will soon. Temp 4.6C Dew Point 2C Liverpool Airport 6.3C Dew Point 2C
  12. Summer is coming. Sevilla, Spain hit 27C the other day. However it's also seen a record wet season too, along with chilly temps. I was hoping for a warm / hot spring, but the temperatures don't look remotely impressive especially on the 10/14 day forecasts. Cloudy, Rain with average temperature holding between 10/12C, with overnights still reaching low single digits. Looking at the accu forecast, there are one or two partly cloudy days, but it won't feel warm. When I say warm I mean noticeably warm from 15C+ not seeing it getting to that, and thats going through the first part of april. Very
  13. yup the rain is coming, will it be as bad as last year? I hope its much worse I love the idea of this country shrinking through land erosion hahaha
  14. what i see again is a barren western europe without much of anything, similar to last year. seems all the cold is bottled up in asia, russia and 60 degrees north..would not be surprised to see the rest of this winter being green too especially across most of western europe sadly
  15. Looks like a bartlett setting up shop by the end of next week, some thing I was afraid might happen in January, just hope it can be pushed out of the way pronto
  16. it was either 2007 or 2008 that was a strange winter, we had normal temps for the time of year but all we would get was hail almost non stop at times, and at periods snowflakes floating around, but because it would be so light it would never stick..this went on through the rest of winter, but we had no lying snow of any kind..so probably that year was the worst for me in terms of seeing absolutely nothing sticking on the ground..cant be sure of the year am sure its one of the two without consulting my book of observations
  17. I think there are two many people jumping all over seven of nine here. Seems some people are simply not bothering to read what he actually wrote...he did not say it was the worst winter ever however if you check it again...he states this rivals any mild winters before. Actually for me and my area it's been absolutely stinking bad this winter for lack of snow..relegated to almost the exact same thing as seven. 1CM of very wet snow that lasted for around 4 hours during the first week of december. It was so wet it barely stuck. I digress, this winter has without doubt been one of the mildest
  18. They have a relatively poor record for getting both the temps and conditions right here, unless its the middleof summer. Just my perspective
  19. Unless something major happens such as north westerly flow for my region..ive given up entirely for this winter season, . Cold and zero snow? i dont think so, i mean 3/5C for beginning of feb is the normal temperature is it not? night time frosts at -4/-6C are also common in a normal winter..baring in mind historically feb is supposed to be the coldest month of the year, so i'm confused as to what this easterly is doing? its not exactly doing much from my perspective.but then i dont live on the east coast, and snow here is non existent..just typical feb temps for the time of year lol
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