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  1. Occasional light showers intermixed with blue sky. Breezy. Temp 11C
  2. Still flashes to the N and NE but the main show for here seems to be over. By far the best storm of the last few years, never seen so much strobe lightning in such a short space of time, lost count of the number of strikes after 5 minutes.
  3. Mesosphere

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Frequent lightning here for the last 45 minutes, both IC and CG. Thunder also very loud
  4. Insane light show here, numerous forked lightning, sheet lightning, gunshot thunder, heavy rain, lights flickering
  5. Mesosphere

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Lights probably going to go out here soon, insane lightning and gunshot thunder edit: lights flickering rapidly, this is absolutely mental
  6. All hell breaking loose, 5 flashes of forked lightning literally in my back garden
  7. = storm right overhead onow, loud cracks of thunder + frequent lightning Edit: Gunshot thunder!!!!!!!!!
  8. Southern sky is lighting up like a Christmas tree as I type, away off out to get a good vantage point, as soon as its close im sprinting back haha Edit: extremely loud rumble of thunder right overhead
  9. Quite a number of sferics in the bordes now, light show should start soon here
  10. check out this http://www.blitzortung.org/Webpages/index.php?lang=en&page_0=12, looking pretty active! Central Belt in the next 1-2 hours looks good! Im off to get some Coffee lol Edit: going by the elevated storm we've just had here in east central scotland, the energy is there, as soon as this clump hits it could be fireworks
  11. Mesosphere

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Saw a good few flashes of lightning here also, just to the NW. Attention turning to the clump of storms coming over the border now!
  12. That seems to be it for the little elevated cell here, nice to see some night lightning, quite a rarity! Attention now turns to the clump coming over the border!
  13. Sky is very chaotic here, quite a few lightning flashes from this elevated storm. No rain and very little thunder
  14. About 4 flashes from an elevated storm just to my north west, few rumbles of thunder also! Have to admit the METO and ESTOFEX nailed it