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  1. Can see the Irish sea from my window and its absolutely wild. First serious gusts here in Dublin. Wales is gonna get hit very hard I'm afraid (already is I suppose)
  2. high ground in some parts of NI looks good for 4/5cm in my opinion
  3. Large amounts of snow especially in the Italian alps, they always seem to do well with southerly winds.
  4. GFS at 190 hrs, looks good to me. You'd think that a warming like that would have to condition the troposphere. What do you think?
  5. Interesting developments, look at that 1050 mb high over the Arctic.
  6. Looking at the ECM 00z run it is clear that Scandi-Russian high is going to be another of many players in the next few weeks and possibly beyond. Scandinavia and Russia are going to cool down rapidly in the next few days. Any disruption in the Atlantic will significantly raise our chances of tapping into that frigid continental cold.
  7. LP completely different compared to 12z run, northern blocking completely different, the models don't have a clue
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