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  1. Yeah looking a lot better. Think the radars having some issues as I'm at the western edge of the band and theirs nothing showing on the radar. Verging on a blizzard here really gusty winds.
  2. Useless bunch , only took one look at Arpege and radar this morning to realise more than just a blob. GFS has been consistently poor forecasting precipitation there probably using that or UKMO. Snowing lightly as I speak, started covering pavements.
  3. The development looks more north than I originally had in mind.
  4. Yes, radars looking more interesting now. I'm not sure it will amount to much but it's certainly not over yet..
  5. Sadly temperatures are rising here, probably end up around 1/2c this afternoon I reacon. A quick glace at radar this morning suggests to me that snow showers are in store for us late afternoon. Also models have a feature that darts across Southern counties later on. The northern extent of that appears to just about touching distance of Birmingham ?
  6. I'm struggling to make any sense of current radar down towards SE. I did take a look at the fax chart earlier but err ... looking like right old mess. Great to see north midlands finally getting in on the action.
  7. Just got back from a short stroll up Worcester rd , lovely and peaceful until some loud squealing engine parts - hazard warning lights come in view, cars front end completely smashed up moving along , his glum miserable face said it all. Sorry kiddo you didn't pick great evening to drive.
  8. Main rd out of Stoke Prior this morning... Just about passable *drifts 6 foot high!
  9. Spoke to soon like a blizzard now. Dangerous condition's, wouldn't surprise me if rural community's south of here are cut off come morning.
  10. I drove there this morning, you've had it much worse than here. Dread to think what it's like now. Reports on radio of roads completely impassable. Blowing a gale here, light snow but still drifting.
  11. It's quite heavy here too theirs still many rural villages cut off from drifting snow blocking roads. Honestly it's really bad. Never seen anything like it, Further south I drove worse it got. I have seen more snow ploughs in my life than any time can remember today.
  12. Just come back from taking photos of 6 foot drifts and it's snowing again. If it carry's on like this we'll get a good dumping. Guys this is so awesome , make the most of it !
  13. Guys come on , this isn't over yet keep watching the radar. Hardly got any on the ground here but still enjoying it.
  14. Can't remember last time I was this excited watching the radar. Going back good few years now.
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